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Friday, November 4, 2011

We don't need no education, da da da da

Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. 
Thomas Jefferson 

In our country there is a lost of trust. That trust is a sacred duty of those we ask to keep us informed. This is nothing new though. Thomas Jefferson even stated the only truth in a news paper was in the advertisement. So with that how does one become informed. The open format of the internet tell us that all people have a voice and the ability to get their personal truth out to support their own cause. So yes it is easy to read the works of those that support your cause, and debunk those that do not.

So many people rally to what they see on the news and use it to discredit their opposition. They use it to validate their point of view, and discount through malice those that are on the opposite side of heir point. We see this time and time again. One news station offers their editorial view of current events, and it supports your view of how things should be. This then becomes your truth and you spread it like like an evangelist.

We support the causes of others based on our personal bias and cultural guilt. We support this mockery of education, yet we draw no line on the methods we sacrifice in our schools. You see education is not about belief, but about truth. Truth is harder to sway with opinion. Yet people tend to use the same tactics that they use when they absorb their news when they refer to education. They want their beliefs and ideals to be promoted. Intelligent design is proof of this. There is no basis of fact, merely belief that motivates this education. This only stresses the importance of this implied separation of the church (belief) and state (reality).

The mission of our schools should not just be the memorization of facts, but also teaching our future how to learn. You see by telling our children that there is one way to do things, and this happened because of this does not allow them to come to their own conclusions lending a greater weight to their knowledge. Our mission in schools should not be to train our kids to a standard (no child left behind) but rather offer them the ability to see possibilities. In essence we teach them how to continue to seek knowledge and learn for life, not just while they are in school.

So we counter act the media by understanding how to acquire the information on our own. We learn how to teach ourselves. We look to knowledge rather then personality. In this we find that common sense is not that common. We learn to find the truth through scientific method. We test theories of those in the news. Perhaps we need to trust ourselves, and trust our minds rather then popular opinion. In this we should question everything even our own views. Those that stand to questions can then become values, and those are values based on truth and knowledge.

It is our duty to demand transparency from our government so we can hold them accountable. We need to get to the truth of matters concerning our country, rather then get consumed by sensationalism and rhetoric. So teach your children and the children of your tribe how to seek their truth. Teach them how to learn their whole life, and being informed you are insured a better future for the world we share. Understand the difference between belief and universal truths. Teach them about bias, and learn about them on your own.

In this we do not just improve our government, but our character. In this we do not suffer a lie, and we speak to the truth. In speaking for the truth those that service injustice are restrained, contained, or made ineffective. This is how you destroy bullies, remove guilt, and truly pursue happiness for yourself and those that share this life with you.  

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