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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I could not have said it better myself.

Today I offer a link to another blog written by a friend and author that I heavily respect. I recently had a friend tell me I was less patriotic then these people, and my disdain for them was rooted in their electoral choices. To that friend, I explain the false martyrs and attention whores. He got that, but he insisted the movement was strong and righteous. When I spoke to him about the people I talked to, and the the days I spent watching the events it was greeted with hateful and hurtful words. I still love you brother but  I am going to let you keep your politics to yourself. Apparently things I see with my own eyes, and hear with my own ears is not enough to be credible.

I am not alone in my views and I could not have said this better. With out further ado, please go, read, reply, and let her know her voice is being heard. Because that is a patriot, not a bunch of attention whore vandals. Awesome Blogness. 


  1. Thanks for the mention, Jesse. I am honored.

  2. Candice I would have posted on your site but I dont have an account and didnt want to sign up and have multiple accounts to say something. You can copy and paste this to yours if you want.

    WELL SAID! the kid in the picture is suffering from nothing more than a souped up paintball gun used to shot pepper balls. I know, I played paintball and owned a paintball store for a number of years.

    Here is a "rubber ball" bruise if you want to compair the damage. and

    here is a "rubber BULLET" -
    These are what we (US Marines) used overseas in non lethal situations on top of the rubber bullets - -- these are M203 rubber rounds and they realy leave a mark. :)