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Friday, November 11, 2011

Just dis time,..

 It is not about choosing sides, or at least it shouldn't be. It should be about right and wrong, nothing more. You take care of the children, they are the investment of the future. You let go of hate when ever you can, and you hang on to love with everything you got. You take care of your family, that is right. You do not take from another family, that is wrong. If you are wronged, doing something equally wrong does not make it right, but do not let anyone take what is rightfully yours. Yep its simple but it fucking works.

So many people lately are obsessed with their personal issues. They worry about who is on what side and the perceptions of others in these social conflicts. I have been accused of choosing sides one way or the other, and I will tell you this I do choose sides and I choose carefully. I do my best to speak up for what is right, not what is right for the day, the moment, or right to gain me more cool points. I just choose what is fucking right and stick up for it.

Some people talk about peace, and they talk about how much they want it, when they don't even know what it is. You see people assume that peace is the absence of war. That is just not having anybody fuck with you, that is not peace. While peace and quiet often go hand and hand, they are not the same creature at all. If peace was just the absence of violence then peace is in more places then people think. There is peace in Iran. There is peace in places of Afghanistan. There is peace in the dark alleys of the world, for most the hours of the day.

To me peace is more meaningful, its not love, its not joy, but rather when I am no longer required to stand up for what is right. As the it as been said before, it is not the absence of war, but rather the presence of justice. Our country makes the bold promise of liberty and justice for all. It is a bold promise indeed. Liberty is a great gift, and the promise of freedom. It is justice though that is a responsibility of all who receive it. Liberty is something to be defended for sure, but justice requires a constant vigil and practice from those in its care.

While compromise might be the important factor in politics, if their is to be peace in the truest sense, we can not comprise justice in anyway. This is for all peoples, not just those in our favor. It is for a every soul or it carries no weight for one. It is also not a path of favor, it is not how you become popular. It is not how you become loved. It is telling people you love they are doing wrong. It is standing between your friends and someone else, maybe even to stop your friends. It is about weighing the damage of your actions and not letting others carry your burdens.

It is not until everyone understands this, it is not until it is believed by all, that we will achieve true and lasting peace.

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