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Friday, November 18, 2011

Nothing. Like Seinfeld but not as stupid.

I have nothing today. Nothing I want to write about. I have nothing I want to voice my opinion on. It is not that I am speechless, its that I am not looking to deal with peoples bullshit. I am all about being the center of my own universe. Trust me I know the value of self esteem and understanding my universe indeed revolves around me. I know this to be a truth in my heart, and I know that other people can and should feel the same. I know that peoples life worlds will over lap, its call communication. We are not alone in out worlds, even if they are our own worlds. Yep deep shit huh? So much for really being nothing. Well I am going to get back to the nothing I wish to declare. You see while you are the center of your universe, it is not always about you. Shit happens all around you, it does not mean that you are so damn important it about you.

When I talk in my blog you are free to comment as you see fit, or feel compelled to. If you take offense to what I say, I say its fanfrickingtastic. You get pissed enough that means you care about something and might actually have to engage in a thought of your own that was not spoon fed to you. Anger is yours, you are mad or your not, but things outside can make you mad, the anger is all yours. You have to think, the only rule I have is that you need to take ownership of your own ideas and your own emotions. Do not spit back something a faceless preacher crammed in your head from the the podium of some huge commercially based mega church selling salvation in economy sizes. How people trust that mass manipulation baffles me in the first place, but I will let you know I am an elitist in that regard; I do not talk to sheeple. Yep if your thoughts are not your thoughts, but the regurgitated amalgam of mashed up verbal diarrhea, I really have nothing to offer. You can get that bullshit somewhere else, and I prefer something more organic to grow things in my mental garden.

Next part of this discussion on nothing is just that, if I say something here and you are not named or called out directly, what does it have to do with you? That is right, nothing. You may have a thought on it, but it does not mean it is about you, or an attack on your soft little feelings. Be self centered, as long as you don't forget the centered part. This also does not mean you have a free ticket to be self absorbed. It does not mean I am spotlighting you and your pity party, or attacking you because I don't like something you apparently love. You may be the biggest advocate of the purple cuddly kitten foundation, but if I tell you I am not a cat person, that does not mean I hate you and want you to choke on your mass produced cream filled pastries you shovel down your obnoxiously open pie hole. If I hate you I will tell you that, its not because you are cat lover. It is probably because you are a narcissistic drama starved ass hat.

So if you take offense to this blog refer to the actual text on the page. What does this have to do with you? Just because I wrote bad words like shit, fuck, damn, piss, bitch or cunt does not mean it is about you, unless your guilty conscience is telling you that. Because my language is harsh and direct does not mean I am going to lay waist to bunch of unborn children. Seriously if I am saying things about you, its because I really feel them about you, and I will say them to you directly. So if you have not gotten an email, phone call or bitch slap directly from me then odds are what ever subject I am talking about is not about you. I do not car how coincidental you feel it is. I do not give a shit if I am talking about dealing with an ex right while you are having issues with yours. It does not mean I am reaching out to you, or its about you. Its shit in my life, its my views on them and they are mine. What do they have to do with you and your current situation, once again refer to the title and theme of this blog for the answer.

So once again I say to all of you sending me emails, get the fuck over yourself. You are not the focus or center of my universe. You can barely handle being the center of your own, so why the hell would I bother to shift my focus to you? To the rest of you, keep being cool. If you have something you want to get my views on let me know. To those I have directly written about, well you can still fuck off. :)


  1. LMAO That is a lot to say about nothing! Nicely done!

  2. "You're so vain you probably think this song is about you" Sorry.. had Carly Simon in my head when I read that ;)

    I don't know WHO thought that was about them.. but they're WRONG!! It was about Mickey mouse bitches!

    Jeeze... Get it together.