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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pray to the boob tube! All hail basic cable.

I love the planet we live on, really I do. It is the two legged fur-less creatures that plague its surface that piss me off. People as individuals can be horrible, but most times I can deal with people as individuals. It is the groups that get em all spun up, and once again the  manipulation we tolerate. We moo and move and eat what ever they put in or troth. We gobble up the news, sing jingles from ads, we look for logos, and we really think that having that 50 plus inch television is really going to bring us happiness.

You see I got real pissed this morning watching the news and saw this subtle yet direct manipulation of us as a culture. They talked about going green today, the most sacred buzz word, and the masses listened. The topic cars that get over 40mpg. While that is awesome that we are looking into the responsibility on the front, the report was delivered in  a fashion that upset me. They talked about these gas cars being better for the environment, and how green they where compared to the hybrid models. The sung the praises of consumer based fossil fuels, and how great it was that the industry was making shifts to accommodate rising gas prices.

We are nowhere near that ilusterious Mr. Fusion that Doc Brown used to power his DiLorian, but letting our focus be shifted back to the blood of the long dead lizard kings does not help us. People, wake the fuck up. We can ask our government to step in and write laws against the very people that pay for their campaigns and line their pockets with special interest money, or we can stop buying into the label hipness. We can be responsible for our own life, and exact that change we so desperately need.

How you ask? I mean really what can one little person like me do besides whine about my government? Simple solutions actually, and most are not to life changing. You want to remove our fuel dependency, try public transportation, ride a bike, car pool, cut the use of fuels every way you can. You don't like what your government is doing, look at the companies buying their interest and stop buying their products. Seriously the label is what you pay for half the time anyway. How about you build, make, or create as much of your own crap so you don't have to deal with the big business controlling your life.

Stop shopping at Wal-Mart or even better, actually think about the crap you buy.  What is in the food you eat, how much cellulose is in your food? High Fructose Corn Syrup can not be that bad right, I mean they have commercials for it? I mean ad campaigns can not be that bad right? Hell the Mormons are even using them, telling the world that they are extraordinary people through ad campaigns, to what purpose? So you can keep handing off your personal responsibility to whom ever you like as you drive your gas hog down the road to you favorite mass market shopping facility to pick up your mass produced super sugared tree bark, or you can start thinking more about your role in all of this.

This blog was brought to you today by Apple, Exxon, Walmart, and the WTO. Have a nice day. :)

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