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Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve,..

I sat down today and thought to myself who do honor on this day of the dead? I thought heavy on the people I know that have passed. I thought of those that had great influence in my life. I was saddened by their loss in my life, but happy for the chance I had to get to know them. Some were taken too young. Others taken from my life before I was ready. Death never comes when it is convenient for all parties.

Yet I still smile when I think of all the honored dead. I smile when I think of their influence on my life, and how just their status as dead effects my thoughts. There are people that left a lasting mark on your mind, there are those that left a dent on your soul. There are those that still live in your heart. They have made you life better by being a part of it. Rejoice and honor them, rejoice and honor them for each minute they gave you.

Do not hold sadness for the gift they gave you. Do not be selfish and squander the gift they gave you. Use the lessons they taught you to live life. Please respect their life by the continued effect of their influence in yours. Today we honor the dead. Today I offer a moment of silence to those honored dead, but I offer it with a smile of found remembrance.

Oh these Winter Nights,
The dead are not honored because they are dead.  
They should be honored for their life. 

Oh these Winter Nights,
So many look at this mysterious end with dread
Lo' those that are help in strife.

Oh these Winter Nights,
My fathers fathers and all those that came ahead
Oh great honor my heritage is rife.

Oh these Winter Nights,
My mothers mothers who set my life to thread
Oh so much honor and much more then a wife.

Oh these Winter Nights,
These days are not about who is long cold dead
Rather those that even gone still effect our life. 

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