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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here is mud in your eye,..

We have two eyes, and they each see the world from a different place, yet they merge into one image. They give us a perception of the world that is unified, though they come from different angles. Why is it that this biological precedence is ignored as people run through life with tunnel vision. You see there is value in the additional data offered by another view. If you have a problem the most often piece of advice you will get, is to maybe look at it a different way. When we look at art we walk around it like a caged animal, trying to figure it out by looking at it from as many views as we can.

So it seems we can understand the concept of getting a deeper meaning when we look at things from as many views as we can. We like to look inside things to see how they work. We like to dissect, break them down. We hesitate to make a choice before we have as much information as we can get. This is what school is for so many of us. When we were children we figured out what we liked by sampling all that we could from the buffet of life.

We miss the strength that comes from turning that insight inwards. We can look at everything else with so much effort but we do not like to challenge our own view. When something comes at us we put the blinders on and call it evil. We tear it down and shut ourselves down. Our depth perception is skewed as we shut one eye at a time, until we are blind to that one conclusion we jumped to at the beginning. We only accept what we felt was the truth, and look for facts to support our beliefs.

Why is we see a mountain face as a challenge, but we look at the challenges others offer to our beliefs as an affront to our existence. If your ideas are so solid that they are beyond reproach, then maybe you are kidding yourself. Are they so extreme to one side or another that you forget the middle typically holds the truth? There is no dark without light. There is no understanding peace without understanding of war.  There are extremes on each side of every argument, and in the middle you can see them both.

You think you are so right that you can not give thought to another persons view? Well to me that says that your beliefs are too weak to stand up to examination, and when you fight so hard to convince others you are really trying to convince yourself. If you shake your views from time to time you test their foundation. In testing those foundations you find out if they are stable enough to stand on. If you have to convince people so avidly that your ideals are more solid then they are you are just shoring mud. So open your eyes, and look at your views with the same eyes you use to tear down others.

Never deny yourself another view. Life is too short to let your view be short. Strength comes from facing challenge not hiding from it. So open your eyes, look in the mirror and look at the world. See everything it has to offer, and commit to the idea that have a strong foundation no matter where you view them from. If you think your beliefs are too perfect to question then you're not looking hard enough. If you can't be your own devils advocate ask someone else too. Maybe they can see something from a place you can't. This is the first step in not being a douche. 

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