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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plug in and recharge!

So many news stories today are about the balance of power today. This movement to occupy Wallstreet talks about the horrors of the super rich being horrible masters. There is a cry for accountability in the undercurrent that I like. Simply cry that someone has more then you, is not enough to make me listen. To me that is childish. The above photo running around that puts that into perspective for me.  So saying somebody has more then me is not enough. It is childish.

What I do agree with is holding those power moguls accountable. They ran a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie M so proud. They ran a shell game with real estate and bad investments that finally caught them and bit them in the ass. They were to big to fail, really. So we bail them out, or rather our government bails them out with our money. Now how many of those responsible went to jail? How many people lost jobs? Some of them left those companies that were bailout for poor financial decisions and put into office dealing with federal fiscal decisions. 

So we reward them with a government job, when Joe's like us would have gone to jail. You know those jobs are awesome, they have a great retirement plan. They have the best insurance. These are the jobs that require and act of congress to fire you. These are the ideal jobs for many people. Yet they were rewarded with these great jobs or severance packages from previous jobs, but not one minute of jail time. Hel, not even one word of them paying back our money that we used to bail them out of trouble. It was bail money, bail money? When I get bail money it means that I am using it to get out of jail, not out of court.

Now with that cleared out though, let us look at the solutions that people have to offer. Some claim we need to give the power to the government to regulate and correct these issues before they happen. That would imply that they had a clue it was gonna happen in the first place, or they would have issues regulating it. I think they would have learned a lot more if they just let the assholes fail. Then people would learn responsibility for their actions. People would also learn the proper placement of power.

This is truth. Yet FDR forgets to say the closest thing to socialism that can survive in a republic is the realization that power can and should be equally distributed among the masses. Power is for the people and by the people. This does not mean the wealth, you need to make your own damn money. However when you have a vote you have a distribution of your power, and you choose who you give that too. You give some of your power to those officials you elect, you give them permission to use your vote to administer law.

Currently they take that power you loan to them to establish a better life for themselves and those people that pay for their campaigns. This is why those asshole on Wall street have not done a single minute in jail. It does not matter if they are Republican or Democrat, they are all bought and paid for. Look at campaign cost, and look at those running, and ask yourself how many of them used their own funding to run? That money had to come from somewhere, and those giving the money expect something in return. So they give them the power of their votes, but they also buy your power out. In that we give them our power because we accept it, and let it be.

The power is yours. You have a voice. You can choose to send a message or you can lay down and take it. I say stand up and take it back. 99% is a big fucking number. 


  1. Nice, Jesse, but THE problem is not corporations getting away with otherwise illegal schemes. They are simply taking advantage of what is being offered to them and who in their cold, self-serving mind would not? We do it all the time as citizens through the giant government grab bag of wealth redistribution programs called welfare, business grants, unemployment benefits extension after extension (that bill is up for payment, BTW), etc. The problem is government that is miserably irresponsible with public funds and monetary policy. Do you think "excessive" corporate profits are an accident? They are part of the plan, my friend. How many times has Obama lamented about the way business is locking away their earnings and not investing back into the economy? Profits that are occurring in an extended recession. A stock market that has rebounded in a recession. Doesn't seem fishy to you? I think and am apt to do the research on it that business has been doing exactly what the government has orchestrated. Except instead of learning through the mistakes of subprime lending that was encouraged by the government and also created huge profits for corporations, the government has retried the same stupid policies just in a different package only to find out it still doesn't work. Now, we have the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer because of the damned government and the people are eating it up that it's the fault of corporations. Obama 2012 here we come! (and probably every congressional incumbent)

  2. All I keep thinking is this ... I could have had a V-8. Seriously.

    While there may be many who are currently occupying Wall Street for the right reasons, there are many more who are occupying it for reasons that you wouldn't take a crap on.

    Yes, there are problems. Everywhere from the guy getting the government hand out to go next door and buy his crack to the asshole in the corporate office that bails with his golden parachute. And everyone in between. There are problems, but neither Pubs or Dems are going to be doing very much about it any time soon. So long as the cash cycle keeps moving. Breaks the cycle of the cash, maybe break the cycle.

    But where the fuck are we going to find and honest, upstanding person like that?

    Me, I say vote for my Dad. He'll fix this shit in a heartbeat. If he doesn't wanna run, I'm voting for YOU!

  3. Well you have better odds of your Dad making it to office. I have no desire to serve in that capacity, and even so I can't run while I am serving in the Guard. Besides compromise is the tool of politicians, and I am not to good at that. So either way thank you for the thought. Besides I don't need a whole other group of people digging through my closest and trying to defame my character.