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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stand, sit, but don't lay down unless you are looking to get #$%ed

Today as my facebook friends know, I am wrestling with a moral dilemma. I decided not to go to an event, based on my own personal values. While it would have been nice to see my friends, it was not enough to get me to go out and show support for people that I really do not like. Actually that would be an understatement. I actually felt bad for those I call friend that went. This is a group of pit vipers, liars, scoundrels, sexual predators, and cowards. 

This brought forth another issue I have been dealing with. Do you have the right to enforce your own morality on your friends? I say yes. Not in a way that you punish them for the mistakes that others made, or the vicious acts of less noble people. I am saying that I will afford people access to me, based on their stand on views I feel are important. I am not talking politics, because I would be very lonely and conversation would be dull if I only surrounded myself with people that agreed with me politically. I mean something deeper then that. I try my best to live through virtuousness. Nine virtues act as my personal code of conduct. I do not compromise those. So those in my inner circle hold those dear as well, or they only get to see the outside. 

I understand that there are people that are worthy of my friendship that attended this event, and did so with no moral issues either. They have not seen or witnessed the events that cause me to give those others my ire. The worst part is they may have seen those events but only through the drama and the lies that erupted from them. They see their own view of me, and that view may not be as positive as I would like it to be. That though is the nature of man, human nature can be a bitch at times. This also a casualty that I must except in the war on stupid. I know my enemies are saying the some shit about me, and I ma not campaigning against it. So it is what it is, and when those people show their true colors around them it will not get them to rally to my cause either. 

We still have freedom, and with that freedom we are allowed to make personal choices. Those choices are who you want to stand with, and who you will lay down for. I will say this, if you lay down it is only to get fucked. So think if you really want to be fucked by that person or are they just going to give you a STD (Socially Transmitted Disease in this case). So all I can do is make people aware of the poison I see, it is their choice if they want to raw dog it, or at the very least wrap it up. I can not fault people for their choices, we all make them. I can limit their access to me though. So I smile. I shake hands. I hug those that deserve it, but I only open up to those I can trust will live a life that is virtuous. 

I can only speak my mind, I can not change yours. I can not hold you accountable for things that do not effect my life, but I can protect myself and those I love from what you will reap from your efforts. I can only protect those that want protection. I can not make someone sit behind a wall and I can not fault them for wanting to venture out and make up their own minds. I can only measure them by the results of their actions and see if they are courageous, truthful, honorable, faithful, disciplined, hospitable, independent, industrious, and exhibit perseverance. 


  1. I feel good about this post. I got a hug the last time we hung out. :)

    Well said my friend, very well said.

  2. My dear Jessee, honey, you will always be my "little brother in arms". That as you know transcends all political and religious boundaries. For you my dear, carry the torch of freedom that I had to pass on. I'm proud of you, your service in the military and who you are inside. You are "real". You know what you are made up of inside. I know you had many nights in the AO to think about things. In one way, consider that a blessing, many people don't get that chance to "live on the edge" so to speak and see life taken in a nanosecond. And know that could have been you. Trust your inner self, your values and judgement. Yes, I say judgement. You know the difference between putting yourself in harms way or staying out of it. No one could EVER fault you for that, for that is being true to yourself. I don't say this to too many people but, I do love you and respect you and yes would trust YOU with my life. Sometimes, I do think life is easier in the field than at home...but that's another story. Take care my friend... Pat