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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I learned to share in kindergarten.

This blog was hard to start today. Not because I do not have a subject, but because it is hard to share. It is something that is dear to my heart. It is about my personal war on stupid. I had a friend of mine say something to me today that hit home. This friend is a bit more to me, I look to him as a mentor. He is a man of great knowledge in matters that concern me. He talked about me putting myself out there, and sharing a bit much of who I am with whomever. In essence it is putting my power out there for the world to see, and send back twisted and not clean. By speaking my mind in public it puts me under fire, and it puts the perception others on me and open to their view. This then carries over to those around me,  because people do not know how to separate your views from the views of those you are social with.

I truly do understand this. I can see where he is coming from on this. I can see how people would link my views  to the views of people I share my life with, and those groups I choose to affiliate with. However I want to say I can not stop my commitment to this task. It is my responsibility to speak out against those people that are toxic to the world I live in. Yes I know it puts me out there. I know it exposes those I care for to the crossfire. I also know the smart people will know the difference between my views and those that call me friend. Those that can not separate those views show their ignorance and declare their side of the line is this war on stupid.

You see I am a solider. I am a warrior. I do things that I understand and hold my personal responsibility for. People need to understand that separation or they can go pound sand. Because I go to war and fight for your right to be a dumb ass, that does not mean my wife supports that view. You are a dumb ass and I will tolerate your existence, but she may not want you to exercise your right of free speech in her presence. You see we like each others company, but that does not mean we think the same way.

So I hope that all those people I have issues with heed these words. I am my own man. I have my own voice. While I will defend your right to free speech, I will also exercise mine. I can not sit back and let people continue on this path of idiocy. If people continue to force their shitty outlook on life upon other people, I will call them out. I will continue to defend my friends and family from the shit storm that is the life of shitty people. I understand the risk. I understand what other people might think of me. I accept that.

So I am hoping that people can figure out that my words are my own. My views are my own. I speak with my own voice. I might share some beliefs with people, hence why I hang out with them, but understand I am my own person. I am a big boy. I speak my heart, not for other people. So when I say that band sucks, I am saying they suck in my opinion. If I have issues with people because of their actions, it is because I have issues with their actions. I don't sugar coat it, claim to speak for anyone but myself, or speculate. If I say someone is a con artist, liar, manipulator, douche bag, or another form of scumbag, then it is my view. If I share something like that with you all, it is my view, and based on actions I have witnessed. These are not my feelings, or me expressing feelings of people I love. These are my views.

If this needs further explanation let me know, though right now I think I am pretty clear. So when I call a man a lecherous womanizing asshole,  it is my choice. When I say a musical group is spreading negative values and personal hate, then it is my choice to return that hate to them three fold. If I say a lady is a liar and manipulator causing harm to my friends, it is not a "feeling" it is me stating the truth and acting upon it. I do this on my own. I do not need others to stand with me. They are welcome to if the choose, but these are my words, this is my strength. This is my fight. I am a soldier, I am a warrior. There is nothing more to be said on this. 

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