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Monday, October 24, 2011

A right to be right, or a right to my rights?

"All things truly wicked start from innocence." -Ernest Hemingway

With the development of modern society we look to our fellow man and where our responsibility to them lays. A wealthy man can extend his influence with greater ease in today's world, but to do so responsibly through both action and inaction, measures his character. It is not money that is the root of evil, but the pursuit and giving to greed that is the root of evil. Philanthropy can even be evil if the intent and desire is not noble, and the actions even if from a place of good intent are not measured by their influence. It is then the responsibly of the person with the affluence and wealth to measure the effects of his deeds, or the effects of his inaction to see if good is being accomplished, or if it is satisfying a more primal sense of selfish elevation. 

The responsibility therefore is not to your fellow man, but to what your actions do to them. You can inhibit their own person growth and insure their dependence upon your charity with the wrong cause. You could educate them in ways that might alter their nature in a positive or negative fashion. So lend credence to research and act from responsibility and morality regardless of wealth. Look to yourself and that moral compass in regards to helping those around you.

Let us not look at the intentions of any action that is offered, but rather look at all aspects of its implementation. Another quote says the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that carries a lot of truth. You see people like Herman Cain have a vision of what they think is right for the world. Our President has his vision of what is good for the world as well. So they push programs and do what ever they can to force this good onto other people. So many others look at their programs, and depending on what party line they belong too, they will argue the merits or weakness of what ever program.

Me I look at it differently. I look at the effect of government programs. I do not just look at the results, there is more then the immediate result. Immediate results are like orgasms, while wonderful, they are contained to that moment. I am a fan of the Constitution. I am fan of the state of the Union our forefathers intended. Let us think about a government managed by the people, and not a government that manages the people. Good or ill intention, the more power we give to the federal government the harder it is for us to enact change or control.

Think of what it would be like if the government understood its role. Believing in life at conception, or when the fetus can survive on its own, is an argument that you should be having with yourself. Maybe at best you could get a doctor involved. If you are not sharing genetic material that could result in the malformation of children, or enforcing your will upon another in an attempt to subvert their personal freedom, who is the government to declare your love valid? On those grounds if the government were to intervene, would it not be better for a more localized government that is living in the issues better serve you in ruling over your life?

You see it is the intent of those in office to provide you with a better life, regardless of who backs them, or what side of the party lines they live on. They want to leave the country better then they found it, and leave their mark on our collective history, but good intentions are their intentions and they might not coincide with yours. They are not sitting out to remove your freedoms, but rather enforce their own moral views upon you. This to me is the exact opposite of freedom. Smaller Federal control does not mean you are unprotected, it is exactly the opposite. Wouldn't it be great if freedom was freedom in this country and you were free to marry any adult you wished to marry, you held domain over your own body, your retirement, and you were free from corporate sponsors dictating your politics?

Your freedom is for sale, but you can take it off the market. The choice is yours, at least for now. Let us not follow the intention, but look at the end result of actions. Hitler believed he was right. Nobody sets out to be evil, it is the effect on others that make that happen. So limit the effect that others have on you, and you limit their ability to preform evil upon you, or in your name. 

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