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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Truthiness? Damn you Stephen,.. damn you.

With the rising concerns and the impeding sense of doom; the elections loom around the corner. With each approaching week the truthiness becomes more and more prevalent in the news and other media swarming around us like locust. Truthiness is a "truth" that a person claims to know intuitively "from the gut" in that it "feels right" without regard to evidencelogicintellectual examination, or facts.[1] (straight from wikipedia, yep I stole that shit)

There are great examples floating around that people are just accepting as the whole truth. Two come too mind immediately for me. First there is a picture floating around in the cesspool of Facebook politics. You may have seen it, showing Ronald Reagan as increasing  the deficit by something around one hundred and forty percent. When you can go to the White House page and see it was not even close to that.  Yet people rally to it, and defend it even after being given the proper information. Second there is the article about soldiers being denied their right to vote. While the article itself is about the inactive voter list, this is not targeted at soldiers as the title would imply. Yes soldiers (that have not voted in over a year) are effected by this, so is anyone else that has not exercised their right to vote. Yet it benefits those in opposition of the law to slant and gain sympathy for their cause. They do it by lying, but with a grain of truth.

It is this dishonest manipulation of information that bothers me. People seem to have selective hearing, and are only willing to hear what supports their cause or view point. The more sugar you slap on it changes the flavor so others will stomach it, but sugar on shit is still shit underneath it all. Yet this seems to be the greatest tool that less wholesome people like to use to discredit their opponents or to defend themselves. They tell just enough truth too make something appear vindicated on the surface. Most people are lazy and rarely dig deeper beyond the surface. They then paint the picture of being a victim, and last they try too relate to the audience.

How many times have you heard things like "oh my I did not know that would happen." "I was just doing what I was told." "I don't know why so and so is upset,.." Then the doe eyes and the feigned innocence. This is a sure sign of someone being a douche. Seriously, think about when you have ever been accused of something. Did you try to immediately try to justify the actions? Did you instantly become submissive and try too play innocent? The majority of  people react with outrage when they are falsely accused. They do not offer an alibi. They have not planned out their response, so it will not flow or look staged. No need to build a lie if you are not lying after all.

So I look at politics, and I look at my own social groups with scrutiny. This is why I choose to speak out against people. I really have trouble stomaching the people who just gobble the bullshit up. I have even less love for those that deal it. I can see their motivation in some cases, but why they did it, is not as important to me as the fact they did it. So those people who lie, hurt my friends, even if my friends are unaware of the hurt. So I tell my friends, and I label them like those that wore the scarlet letter. I call them out on these great injustices they inflict on the community. Does that make me an asshole? So what, the better question is to ask me if I care.

If you remain silent when injustice is being served, you are a participant in the action. Like it or not, but not standing up to a bully, a rapist, a conman, or some other bullshit dealer, and you know damn well what they are doing, you are choosing to continue to enable that person. This means you are actively assisting them, and therefore not neutral. In the bigger issues things are black and white, and those that want to live in the gray are kidding themselves. This is why I refuse to show support to groups that are run by these types of people, or encourage their behavior. I do not hold my friends accountable to this, but I do let them know why I have actively removed my support from a person or cause. Then it is their choice to make a choice.

It limits my social life not going to events that support the lecherous asshole I spoke out against before, or attend events the crazy lady that accused me of being a  baby killer goes too. It is hard to watch a friend of mine pine over a lying manipulator that caused several friends of mine harm, or know that she runs a business that claims to be healing and people I know support it. It bothers me that lying thieves look like heroes on Tuesday nights, and others choose to continue to support that illusion. However my personal life has grown stronger because of it, and my friends I have now, are the deepest and truest sense of that word. So yeah the moral high ground is a lonely place, but the view is fucking great. I also know what it means to smile and not smirk. That in itself is a victory.


  1. First off, I love your blog and the way you write. Straight from the hip. You can't get anymore honest than that. And in reading it, it also helps ME grow, thank you!! I too have been hurt by lies and alibis within the community. What do I do?? I tell the people who are saying falsehoods to fuck off. I don't need those types of people in my life. A true friend helps the other grow and always tells them the truth. That old saying "it is better to know the truth, than live in a world of lies". Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky, maybe my tolerance level has been pegged too many times by the people who have used me and Bill. But, one thing for sure, I do tell people to fuck off, and say it to their face. To me, people usually have some type of hidden agenda and I for one am tired of playing their silly ass games. I may not have many "friends", but, the ones I do have, I would go to war with and trust them with my life. As far as the crazy lady, I don't know who it is, but, I would tell her to fuck off in a heart beat. To her...Ok so you think of me as a baby killer, so let me tell you how much I care about your inept opinion. Then you can kiss my ass for days, lord knows it will take them a while. I don't know who the lecherous asshole is either. If a person has done something against the law and people know about it, it should be reported. To not report it to the authorities is to share in that guilt. But I do know what I am made of. I can only speak for myself. Do I care about other people?? Of course I do. But, before anyone judges me or my friends, they better look in their own closets. Most of the people I call friends are or were Active duty Military. To me, and this is MY opinion, they hold themselves and others to a higher standard. That's a good thing :) xxxooo

  2. Well said Brother,, well said. The view is AWESOME here and the air is refreshing, not stagnant either.

  3. I am so late on posting in regard to this, that I feel like a fuckin' schmuck.

    Firstly, I love your blog. Period. I don't think I need to elaborate on why or who. It simply is. Like the universe.

    Secondly -- I myself had gone without voting while in transit from one area of the country to another and you know what? When I went to vote I had to re-register which also meant that there was the potential that my vote might not count. Was I angered by this? No! Why? Because knowing why it might not count meant something. It meant that I was an educated person who fully understood that because of my nomadic lifestyle and the fact that I hadn't voted in a few years meant that I might have to wait for the electorate to catch up with me.

    Most people are willing to take an ounce of truth and blow it up with a pound of bullshit for their cause.

    Me .... I like scraping away the pound of fat-tastic-ness in order to find that ounce. Because really when you wanna get a mental high ... all you really need is an ounce.

    Keep on!