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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh it hurts so good,..

Let us talk about the great value, that everybody clamors for, but really do not want. I am not talking about love. Rarely do people who ask for love cringe when they get it. Very few regret getting it, and even fewer get it when they ask for it. I am talking about something much more sinister and vile. I am talking about something that everybody claims to want need and desire in the core of their being. I am talking about the one thing they beg for, but when you give it to them they hate you. They despise you on levels that even they didn't know how to hate somebody.

What is this vile creation of of the nether world that is chased like a retarded dog with three legs in a parking lot full of cars? This evil creation is the truth. People speak so highly of it. They always want it. They claim that they can not get enough of it. They call its name from the mountains and claim to use its voice. Yet when the truth is uttered to their ears they curl in ball and wet themselves. So many people say they speak it, but regret the moment they do. Nothing hurts like the truth, yet we all have this masochistic desire to call for it in all things.

The reason it hurts though is simple. Most people are ugly on the inside, and their truth is ugly. Its jagged with pointy barbs and big sharp teeth. The truth is that their life does suck, it is indeed full of nasty things. They are over weight. They are lonely. They do live in a parents basement and they are experts in asexual reproduction. So when they speak their truth, or hear it from others it reminds them of how much they suck.

The trick is to clear the ugly out of you, and change your vision of the world. Where people see pain, you need to see opportunity. Then the truth takes on a new perspective. It is no less the truth, but it is that beautiful thing of legend that we all love and seek. Lets say we look at your sports team, doesn't matter the sport, and they are in last place. They lose consistently and are the punch line to many jokes. Well that is the truth and that sucks, but you can also say they have no where to go but up right? They can always improve. So you take that bitter truth and tie it in with hope, and embrace your inner hippie. How sweet, with kittens and mittens and all that crap.

Seriously though, you choose your reality and how you wish to see truth. Truth is what it is though, and people like to bury it under so much other crap it is hard to find. When you do finally find it, most people do not enjoy, like, or desire what they do find. It is the truth though, and the best thing to work with. Anything built on truth has the firmest foundations. You also find that true beauty is embracing truth in all its forms, and all those ugly things people tend to hide, leave your life one by one. In doing so, your truth becomes better.

So be truthful with yourself and about yourself and fix that shit you don't like. Be truthful about your friends, and ditch those bitches that have some ugly truths. If they are bad people, they are bad people. The truth is what it is, yet we like to lie to ourselves and only talk about the good we see, that is just bullshit covering who they really are. So seek the truth for real, and not just be fashionable in the truth you accept. If it hurts then there is probably something wrong, fix it. Looking for the whole truth before making life changing choices, and you will find a much more beautiful life ahead of you, with good shit in it. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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