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Saturday, October 22, 2011

42 is one answer

The trouble I think we are going through as a culture is a direct result of absolutism. Each of us is seeking the absolute truth, the one true god, the one true truth, and their is no room for anything else. I hate to break it to people in concerns with religion and life but their is still only your truth and not an absolute truth. You want proof, look around you. The bible is a book that people claim is the direct word of God, yet there are hundreds of different churches with hundreds of different people interpreting it differently. Yes there are similarities, but I would be hard pressed to see two people that took the info the exact same way. So to me there is not one absolute truth. The is not one way to do anything, there is just the one you can use right now that works best for what you need it to do.

You see we each have our own truth, and that truth we feel we have to share with everyone around us. Why do we do this? Well we all want to be immortal, and to share our truth adds to the concept of being immortal. We leave parts of us behind when we shrug off the mortal confines of the flesh. Yes that meat sack you call your body is not your permanent home. You are renting, so stop trashing it if you want your deposit back. This of course brings me to the topic at hand. It is the season after all to be talking about death.

All Hallows Eve, Winternights, Samhain, Parentalia, Festival of the Dead, or what ever you want to call it, it was a shared holiday for many ancient cultures. In that there is a bit of shared truth, being many cultures and many peoples shared a similar belief and celebrated damn near the same day every year. They did this with miles of distance, strange terrain, complete isolation, and no Facebook. Now this is where you can uncover some personal and collective truth if you can resolve that mystery.

I can tell you about some personal observations, and share some of my truth. I know its not much and it is probably really going to piss some people off, if they are not pissed already for the first paragraph. You see we as a people are fascinated with death. Even if you believe that when you die you die, that's it, the end, worm dirt, you cease to exist, you still think about death. Most concern themselves with an after life. Others dream of immortality. You see I understand the secret to my own immortality, outside of my personal religious and philosophical beliefs. It lays in the one area of study that we as a group totally suck at. You want to live for ever, you need to look to history.

I think our ancestors had it right, and we are totally screwing it up. You want to live forever on Earth, you need to be remembered. You live on in the history of your people. So you feed the immortality of you kin by telling their tales after they have died. You honor them at a time when you believe the veil between the worlds is the weakest. You lend their story strength by telling it. If the great great grand children are speaking your tale to their great great grand children, you essentially live on through them. You live on by how you effected their life, and you live on here on earth, regardless of where you think you go when you leave it.

This is why I find it important to not only live the best life I can, but the most interesting life I can. People do not tell the tales of the boring. Sloth is a lesson not a story. So rattle the cage, explore the ends of your world, create stories for your grandchildren. It is in those tales that you live forever. While you are here also look to your own honor ancestors for ideas on adventures, and remember their tragedy so you do not repeat it. When you are putting the plastic cape on your children or applying the grease pant to your face, lets not forget to honor your dead. Encourage their immortality, and establish the tradition. This will ensure it is there when you die, so that you can aid your immortality after you die.

Remember there are many ways to get to where you want to go. 42 is one answer, but not the only answer. So grab your towel and jump into life. Happy Halloween, enjoy your candy. Do not forget those WInternights though, and as fall ends we look to the cold dead earth knowing life will return. So seek that life out and give people something to talk about when you are pushing up daisies. 


  1. Seriousness aside, I just want people to remember my butt. That I had a great one.

    Other than that, damn straight.

  2. and it is a nice butt. I hate when you leave, but I love to watch you go :)