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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hypocritical Mass!!

I am going to say this one more time. Grow the fuck up America. Seriously we are once again looking at our issues and looking for who to blame. Like the kid on the school yard that feel from the monkey bars we are looking for who pushed us. We are looking to transfer blame. However that is not the case. We are responsible for our own world. We have to take ownership of what we do and how it effects others. We have to stop lending credence to those with skin in the game.

We are so eager to pass the blame and not look for solutions that we get so caught in the smoke and mirrors. Let us look at the occupy 99% movement. I am going to tell you why I think its bullshit. Yes it is great that people are getting angry, I love that people are getting involved, but I think they are so full of crap it spills out of their mouths. We are all saying it sucks that the rich are making so much money. We are not talking about the morality of it, we are just saying they make more then us and we are not getting any of it.  Yes there is huge salary division between corporate America and the working class. Yes the wealthy are getting multimillion bonus's as the companies are getting government bail outs. So what is the issue with this?

Yeah the issue is the people not being held responsible for their failure and the perception they are being rewarded for it. You want justice, make them pay it back, or we take it back by seizing assets or sending them to jail. We as Americans though are crying out from the mountain top that its not fair. I would be okay with that if it was not hypocritical. Seriously if you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it? Would you create jobs in your neighborhood, or would you take of shit you always wanted. You are not gonna take from yourself to give to others. People just want more.

So if you are gonna hate the rich then hate them, but be honest as to why you hate them. You are jealous. Yeah I know there are some pissed off people right now reading this. Now before you click that little red X on the top of your browser and shut me down, think about it. Really what would you do with a million, or a billion, and without anyone knowing exactly what you are thinking tell me that the first thing you thought of was not some selfish material object for yourself.

Then lets look at the people offering the most public support in the media. I really do like the John Stewart Show, and The Colbert Report. Seriously I watch them all the time, yet I find it hypocritical when they use satire to attack those super rich for being super rich and not giving back to society. Well how much money does John Stewart make per episode? How much does Steven Colbert have in his Super Pac, and how much of that money was given back to the people? What percentage do they offer to charity that is above the allowable limit that they can claim and shelter from taxes? What percentage did they pay in taxes compared to say what you paid in taxes?

Seriously people its not that they have more money then you that should be the issue. It should be the issue of responsibility that most people do not want to claim. If you screw up and your business fails, then it fails, you're broke. Move the fuck on. You shot at somebody they died, you go to jail, or the chair depending in the state you live in. It is called accountability. Don't hate the rich because they are rich and found a way to be successful. Hate the law makers that enable them to exploit you, because they sponsor them. Look where you throw your blame before you blame and grow the fuck up. 


  1. Just some things to think about;
    Late Night - Per Year

    $32 million - David Letterman
    $30 million - Jay Leno
    $14 million - Conan O'Brien
    $14 million - Jon Stewart
    $6 million - Jimmy Kimmel

    From this news stations page

  2. lol Jesse, the only people that are pissed off are those that feel the rich shouldn't be rich.

    Personally, I am richer THAN most... I have a great wife, great kids an AWESOME place to live; I am happy with my horses and the ducks and chickens make me laugh and feed us. When I feel like killing something, I shoot a goat for getting out of the fence and EAT IT!

    No one exploits us because we CHOOSE to shop and spend our money where we CHOOSE. We blame no one for our failure and praise no one for our successes.

    I am not jealeous of anyone who is rich and has a big house, they have more to clean and pay taxes on. We own 2 houses here and 80 acres and pay a wopping $500.00 per YEAR (FOR OBTH) in El Paso County so why should we be jealeous of someone who has to pay $50,000.00 a year in taxes, when that is what one property cost us. lol

    You generalize a lot and lump everyone into the same group when there are distinctly different groups. But how dare you say I am not successful because I am not rich. Our wealth happens to be ALIVE and walking instead of dead and folded in our pockets. When one of these "rich people" you are talking about NEEDS food and Wal Mart is no longer open, Ill have his Meat and Dairy, and he can WORK FOR ME TO GET SOME because all that money he has will be USELESS.... That my friend is poetic justice.

    Loved the article.

  3. If you dont like someone's salary STOP WATCHING them, their ratings will go down and LOSE that PHAT JOB.

    Dont like the CEO's multi million dollar sallary - STOP BUYING SHIT FROM THEIR COMPANY... their profits will go down and they will lose their jobs.

    It is called a BOYCOTT people, they are EASY to plan, easy to impliment and EASY to follow.

    We buy ALL our things at Wal Mart, Big R or Safeway, PERIOD. Those are the only three places we shop. IF I felt like donating money to a charity, I would give to the DAV. I DONT GIVE because I VOLUNTEER at the Fire Department within my community and that is a DONATION.

  4. I want to be clear when I say "we" I mean "we the people" as a group. It is that majority that likes to be sheep in a nation founded by wolves.

  5. I don't hate the rich. I don't hate people that make more money than I do. They usually make more money than I do for a reason. If I wanted to be a corporate sell out, I could make that kind of money too.

    My only issue is that there's a disparity in the fair quotient here. Don't bail out a company that fucked up. That's how capitalism works. You fuck up, you lose. Someone else rises to the top and the cycle goes round.

    I want a new system, but since I won't get a new system, I want the system we do have to function as it ought. If I can't get that, I'm going to throw a shit fit until someone fucking listens. And once someone listens we'll throw a shit fit together until more people listen. Enough people listening and working together creates action. And then shit changes.

  6. Seriously? Okay I'll bite, everyone is jealous of the rich? that's the best argument you can come up with?

    There have always been rich and poor in this country, so why has it taken this long for the envious poor to finally say I want what you have?

    Because they aren't! Hollywood is living proof of our (as a society) obsession with the rich, Paris Hilton's new bff, Trump holding out a dream job if you'll take his abuse for 16 weeks, and how many gossip rags and shows?

    As a nation we drank the koolaid, we believed in the American Dream, that if you worked hard enough you could be a success. Well now people are recognizing that the koolaid was meant to shut us the fuck up so a few could rape, pillage and burn our country to the ground.

    OWS does not want a handout, and suggesting they do is bullshit. The let's blame the victim mentality is cheap and easy, how about we hold corporate America responsible for the state of our economy, oh wait, that is what Occupy Wall Street is about.

    Ordinary people have to BORROW money to buy a home or start a business. If they fuck it up their business or buy more house they can afford, well then suck it up buttercup it's your own fault. You lose your business, your home is foreclosed on. But gods forbid you should bitch about it because then you're a loser who wants something for nothing.

    So lets take a look at AIG, the company all the banks bet on, gave billions in mortgages, and when AIG went under, they got a 180 billion dollar bailout.

    When GM bought the finance company AmeriCredit, it was able to marry its long-term losses to AmeriCredit's revenue stream, creating a tax windfall worth as much as $5 billion. So even though AmeriCredit is expected to post earnings of $8-$12 billion in the next decade or so, it likely won't pay any taxes during that time, because its revenue will be offset by GM's losses.

    Thank God our government decided to pledge $50 billion of your tax dollars to a rescue of General Motors! You just paid for one of the world's biggest tax breaks.

    This is what is driving OWS, they're not asking for handouts, they're asking that everyone live by the same rules, that we either fix a system seriously broken, or create a new one.

    It isn't just college students standing around ditching school to smoke dope and freeze. It's senior citizens, Vets, active duty military, nurses, police, teachers, and thousands of other blue collar workers.

    This protest is all about the laws that allow corporations to do what they are doing. And it isn't just one law, or one tax code or one company. It's hundreds of them, and people from all walks are coming to the central issue from different standpoints, that is why a "boycott" isn't the answer. But standing in front of their businesses while the whole world watches? Oh that sends a very powerful message.

    Oh and Walmart? Wal-Mart was responsible for $27 billion in U.S. imports from China in 2006 and 11% of the growth of the total U.S. trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2006. Wal-Mart’s trade deficit with China alone eliminated nearly 200,000 U.S. jobs in this period.

    Thanks for doing your part.

  7. There are active military out there? Where? I agree with the Wal Mart issue, hence why I encourage so many not to shop there. More then a few of my friends have boycotted them period. The message you put out though is not the message that OPW movement is putting out. Those that are trying to put it out claim no personal responsibility and call for the government to fix it.

    How about this, instead of blaming mom or dad for your fucked up life, why not take charge of your own life. I mean offering more to big business by having big government separated so far from us to fix it is ridiculousness.

    You want solutions, put them where you can reach them. Establish the bounds of the federal government as intended by the Constitution. Allow a lesser separation of those governing and those being governed. So instead of asking for our cut and equal playing field, we create one by increasing our personal responsibility. So instead of bitching why me, and missing the point you can actually do something with your life, rather then blame others for it.

  8. My mistake, I misread an article, the legit military are all non-active duty, They are actively calling for a dress code, non-uniform, to identify their branch of service.

  9. And what would you have these people 'do' that are protesting? What should they do differently?

    Personal responsibility is good, but I remember all those people who 'did' and were responsible in 2008, who because of companies like AIG and Americredit destroying the economy lost everything. Tent cities of whole families sprung up across the country.

    We have about 2.3 million people in jail in America.

    Virtually all 2.3 million of those prisoners come from "the 99%." Here is the number of bankers who have gone to jail for crimes related to the financial crisis: 0.

    If I write a bad check knowing full well there is no money in my account, I go to jail. If I operate my business in the red, borrow money I have no intention of repaying and lying about the value of my collateral I lose my business and face fraud charges. If I steal company money from my investors I go to jail for embezzlement.

    And that is what Wall Street and the banks have done, except instead of losing their business, or going to jail, the government bailed them out. And yes, the taxpayers let them. And now the taxpayers are holding the government and wall street responsible.

    I have yet to see or hear of anyone asking for their "cut". Instead I see and hear many demanding that the banks and Wall street give back the cut they stole from the American tax payers, and demanding that the government stop giving them handouts. They're asking that big business be held accountable to the same standards as the little businesses and individuals.

  10. In a home loan there are two sides of that. People had no issues taking the money on these high risk loans. They where the risk. So yes hold AIG accountable but those taking the bad line of credit are just as viable. You know those check cashing places are looking to rip you off, so don't use them if you are responsible for your money you don't. Then those business do not thrive. So right now, you take the bail out money, or don't hand out another dime. You let them, and those who claimed to be conned but know were their credit was, and you let them fail. Yeah it sucks, poverty sucks. Well stop being stupid with your money and cut up your credit cards. The government, and the people that are governed need to live in their means and stop looking to live beyond them. A get rich quick scheme is just that, a scheme. So yeah your house was foreclosed, why is that? Oh that's right you bought a 400k house on a 100k budget and you didn't read the contract.

    The blame is not on Wallstreet alone. We let this happen to ourselves as we gave away more and more personal responsibility and look to blame rather then correct. We as a people have a problem with something, we look to who will take the blame. How about we say collectively "my bad" and correct it by living by our means and responsible for ourselves and actions.

    To me this is the wife blaming the other woman, when it takes to two to tango. So yeah your house is going away, and you act surprised? So you go live in a tent on the lawn of the mistress. So you have no job, so you camp on the lawn of the closed down factory. Why don't you look a the people that are the real 99% and see people who buy items for their house when they have cash for it, look to the people that look at the affordability of their house not just based on the mortgage payment. Look at the responsible adults letting the kids have their tantrum.

  11. Almost forgot, the actual figures I got from an op ed column on Rolling Stone, if you'd like to read it, let me know.

    Other than that, I can see your point, I just do not believe it is true of everyone involved in the protest, I actually think that its the minority who fall in the category you are talking about.

  12. I have read the Rolling Stone article, thank you though. I disagree that those I speak of are in the minority in the people in the movement though. I think what you describe is what they want the movement to be, but the reality is more what I am projecting. Lets look at the people that are attending first off. I can not speak for all of the other cities, but I have been down to the Occupy Denver. While down there I saw a lot of unfocused whiny bitchy people.

    There are some people that support the movement online that add some witty intelligent things to say, but they do not go out actually do anything with the exception of being flaming trolls and in the process showing their false support. Seriously how can you say you support a cause if you can't put the Cheetos down long enough to go out and be seen.

    Look at the signs, and they are all about anger. Listen to the chats, they are all about anger. They talk about Wall street this, and Wall street that. More then a few times I see signs asking "where is my bailout money?" So not I can add nobility and education to this cause. Like a fairy tale it looks good on paper and builds to something wonderful and amazing. When you look at it for real you see that it dark twisted and not fit for Disney.