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Saturday, October 8, 2011


I see the issues in today's world as being resolved by a few simple things. First being that we stop compromising simple things like the Constitution. To many people want to  bend it to their will. They crave power because the power they gather gives strength to their weak faith. They of course are the only ones that can be right, therefore the rest of you minions need to get in line. Right? That is how it works right?  So we hear them preach extremist ideals from a place of weakness. My favorite are those religious nut jobs out there that try to force their views on the world, life some social rapist. Yet they tell us its okay, because they are right. You know the Taliban says the same thing. You want that type of faith and guidance move to Iran douche bag.

So protect the ideals of the Constitution, what does that mean? You know if you read the work itself it is actually interesting. It offers a lot of insight into what a group of old land owning old men felt held importance. Washington refused to be named king of this new country. They wanted so bad to be free that they did not want to be in charge. So they devised a system that was about protecting freedoms that was so ingenious that it started rebellion across the globe. To the Republic for which it stands huh? Study these guys and see how they changed the world, and what we stand to lose every time we give into things like central banking, big government, and so many other unconstitutional acts that are given strength in the guise of profit and compromise.

Read what they wrote, and maybe you can find the real tool to fix the world. They all shared one trait. They all embraced passion. It is passion that fuels change. It is passion that burns in people and gives them purpose. It is passion that true faith is gathered from, not the late night bible thumping hypocrite looking to tap into your pocket book. Passion is the thing that can give a person the resolve to stand up to oppression. Passion is what motivates a student to actually seek knowledge instead of filling a chair. Passion is what leads to a successful relationship. Passion is the spark that sets fire to your heart and soul.

Without passion you are nothing.

So find your passion, and help it grow. Do not compromise your identity to fit into the round hole. Find your passion and engage in life. Don't worry about what others think or feel, just for once try doing what you feel is right, and what feels good. You might be shocked to see how inline it really is with right. Stand up for true freedom. Understand what that means, and understand the secret our forefathers tried to tell us. A leader is only a voice, and should be the voice of those he leads, no more then that. They are not a keeper. They are not the provider of your hopes and dreams. The power is yours, not theirs. Use it, and find your passion. 

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