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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Its our fault you idiot.

I am gonna go out on a limb here and revisit an old topic. You see we have a problem, or at least we perceive a problem and choose to give this problem weight. This problem is nothing new. It is something that is as old as the idea of a village. It is the anthropological way we establish the pecking order in the animal mind. Now we are familiar with it as the socialization of our children, and that typically is resolved with bullying. There are ways to get rid of it though, and evolve. So what do you want to do about it and what are you willing to do about it?

The solution lies in exposing our children to reality. First you start with the bullies. They are only trying to do what we teach them. They are trying to get ahead of the pack. They are trying to build a order with them on the top. They want what we all want, they want to be in the best position to live a better life for themselves. Trouble is they do not understand that the positive shit in high school rarely leaves high school, but the negative shit comes out for a life time. Yet you will see the guy sitting in a bar years later talking about the touchdown in the homecoming game that did nothing for him beyond those four years of his life. That hot little cheerleader that is so important in school is going to wind up with stretch marks and battle scars, and that type of beauty fades.

We get so wrapped up in the shit that doesn't matter, that our children emulate this in the attempt to act "grown up". The surround themselves with the things they think will make them popular, rather than think about what it takes to be a good human being. Stuff breaks and physical beauty does not last the test of time. In that the emphasis on the physical only sends the message of physical satisfaction to our children. While I have nothing against sex, and nothing against sex for entertainment value alone, I do see an issue with that being the sole image of gratification. When you fixate on the physical that is exactly what you get, hormonal teen aged irresponsible baby factory's looking for the new Ipad.

So the status that comes with fixation on stuff breeds contempt. This contempt brings silly concepts of competition that we carry with us into our adult life. Then we transfer these silly beliefs over to our children and start the cycle anew. It takes us years to get rid of these misconceptions of happiness, if we ever do. Then we tell our children if you are not first your last. We tell them they have to be top dog, or strive to be the top dog and they fight to get ahead of the pack. They forget the pack, and only think about being in front of it. The pressure is enough that occasionally it will make a diamond, but most times it just leaves a broken child that is thrust into adult life.

Now the other side of this is those that are bullied. This children that are taught the same consumer values but do not measure up to the standards we set for them. They are the pack, or those that set outside the pack. They devalue themselves because they do not measure up to the image we have painted for success. They rarely finish first in that race, however their talents are else where. They can finish first in their own race, and do not need that social validation. Yet we tell them they do, or in some cases we tell them they are not good enough. They valid the cruel words of children and let those words strap weights on their back. This weight they will carry into adulthood if they do not crack under pressure.

The beauty of it is simple, those that do not break typically develop an unhealthy self esteem and drive through using their smarts or cunning. Those washed out high school has been's typically end up working for them. That is if they don't kill themselves or others before that happens. The trouble is they are still fixated on this perceived standard we have set as a society and even though they attain a level of success they are still broken and hollow. So its a lose lose scenario. Reality fucking sucks huh? You are all thinking this as a well. I am sure many of you can see this pointless evolution and waste of time to rally to a cause that we only offer a band aid for.

You want to put an end to bullying, try this; Raise your kids to be independent. Raise you children to understand expectations are important, but only theirs are. Teach them that other peoples standards are just that,other peoples standards and possible just shallow reflections of consumer weakness. Teach them they know their own happiness and it is not found in playing the damn game. They are who they are and beautiful in their own way. You do this by, holy fucking shit guy, being a good damn parent. You need to fix yourself and set the example. You need to let yourself be happy, and understand the responsibility you have with your PERSONAL freedom. Money does not buy happiness, beauty is skin deep, and life has more to offer if you know what to look for.

Most important is for you to stop being a fucktard, and start sitting the right example. Until people stop celebrating the shallow crap in the gene puddle, we will always have bullies. We breed the damn culture every time we stand in line for some new gadget. We do this when we celebrate commercialism and lose our focus on what it really means to be free. We all have the right to pursue our OWN happiness. So stop chasing some other persons concept of happiness and start looking for your own. Teach that skill to your kids, and you find that bullies have no more power then you give them. Indifference is your greatest immunity to their poison. You also find it is easier to fight for what you believe in, when you figure out what the fuck you believe in.

So stop begging for the government to fix this for you. The issue is resolved through you and by you, not through some internet campaign with catchy posters or slogans. That is how you advertise, and learning from advertising is part of the damn problem. So stop being sheep and learn to think for yourself. Teach your kids to do the same shit, and it might catch on. Either way bullies will no longer be your problem, and stupid people will be left to deal with it on their own.

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