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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Real Deal

The elections coming up have me looking in bewilderment to the future. I see so much going on, and I see so many misguided people. I see people that can only hear facts that support their candidate. I see their truth skewing their perspective. I see people rally to one cause or another and I see so many people addressing issues without regard to offering solutions. I see the smoke screens coming out. I see people talking about shit they really know nothing about.

Let me get something clear right fucking now. I do not have to agree with your views in this wonderful country we call home. I respect your right to have them, even if they are dead fucking wrong. It is not my personal morality that guides my political views, because I know my personal morality is fucked. Fro example I am a spiritual kind of guy, but I do not bring my religion into my politics. I understand the need for the separation of church and state. It is not because my religious views are not popular enough for one office or another. I have no desire to run for office. I don't need that level of bullshit in my life.

I do not need the government to tell me how to live my life. I do not need the government to tell me how to have children, or even if I should have them. You see these are smoke screen issues that they use to sway your opinion and sway you from the shit that they really should be doing. I really do not give a damn if two dudes, or two chicks want to get married and adopt all the little carpet crawlers that are living in a orphanage anyway. Who the fuck cares if a woman decides to or not to get an abortion when our society is the viewed through the eyes of historian. Try getting into things we really need to deal with.

People talk about taxing the rich, and I say go ahead. If I pay taxes they should pay taxes, but we as a people should also be smart about what those taxes pay for. I do not need government programs to pay for my medical needs, retirement, meals, or day to day life. If I wanted someone to cover my bills for the rest of my life I would kill all the stupid people I meet and end up in prison. The more you ask someone to do for you, the less you are self reliant, the more personal choice and freedom you offer them as payment.

You want to impress me as a presidential candidate, or even run for reelection, tell me what you are going to do to fix my government. Don't tell me what you are going to do for me or those poor unborn masses that somebody wants to scrap from the womb. I want things fixed that a government should fix. Do not tell me how you are going to give me healthcare, but rather prevent the fleecing that current healthcare system engages in. Get rid of some of the crap programs that people swear by, and focus on what the federal government should focus on. Build on the infrastructure to protect our ability to trade with the world, not inhibit growth by establishing the most ridiculous corporate laws in the world.

Protect my borders, and ensure we can enjoy a level of safety. If people want to come to this country, stop looking for ways to keep them out. Migrant workers are going to be here, why because this country is fucking awesome. So why not help them become citizens rather then slaves working for pennies on the dollar? Why not accept a more adaptable immigration policy? Stop the criminal element from coming in, but do not inhibit the flow of those looking for work, or chasing the real American dream of freedom. Teach them, and the existing population of what it really means to be an American. Its not the house with the white picket fence or the corporate sponsorship of our idealism. It is freedom and the ability to pursue your own happiness. Not your Catholic happiness, or your fundamentalist happiness, but happiness. Keep those out that want to work against that. Welcome those that want to assimilate that attitude regardless of color or creed. It comes to the line of, do they want to change America, or the chance to be changed by America?

So stop worrying about how you can effect the life of your neighbor, and think about what you need to engage in your pursuit of happiness. Stop thinking of all the ways you can restrict people, and look to how you can get people to engage their own happiness. That is the issue we have before us in America. That is why I put life on the line so many times. It is not about what I can take away from you, but what I can offer to protect your right, and even my own, to be happy and not inhibited. Those are the real issues. Look at it from the terms of one simple issue, the whole uproar over gay marriage. Does stopping two people, regardless of sexual orientation, from getting married help you be happy? does it prevent them from being happy? So if something does not inhibit or aid your happiness, but it does inhibit another persons pursuit then it is un-American. Now look at all issues with that an move the fuck on and grow the fuck up.

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  1. I want to bring my religion into politics. That would be hiliarious!