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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random Thoughts

The universe is full of the improbable. Irrational becomes rational with each new discovery. Evolution of ideas and what was will be, but will never be the same again. There will be something out there that can kick Chuck Norris in the nuts, and makes cats and dogs snuggle like time tested friends. You say impossible, I say unproven. This is the joy of the world we live in. This is what makes the universe that is so fucking outstanding. It is the concepts of our belief that is shaken each and everyday and only a few things can truly stand to the onslaught of knowledge. Those few things are sacred but only to a few.

Amongst this short list of things that define my own morality you will not find simple things like love. Love is a chemical reaction and the part of the only two things we actually really enjoy (dopamine and serotonin). However discovery is on that list. It is the joy of seeing things for the first time. It may not be the first time they are seen by anyone, but those moments that you get when you truly see something for the first time. That wonderment that is evident in the eyes of children, and rarely seen in the eyes of an adult. Discovery is part of my morality.

How can this be a part of my morality you ask? It is not really something that defines right and wrong is it? Of course it is, what is right and wrong? Well to me the ultimate wrong is ignorance. Stupid is stupid and it is contagious. It is the denial of things that deny us the truth of life. We are here to learn, to discover, and to deny that is immoral. To embrace or hold to archaic ideals because of comfort should make you ache in your heart. To ignore the gift of your brain is a much bigger travesty in the divine scheme of things.

The universe is a school with no passing grade. It is knowledge for knowledge sack. Each door is a passage to a new discovery. Each day an adventure into the unknown. You have to strain to keep your senses open to what you can learn from every breath. It is trying. It is difficult, but this is the truth of life. We are not here to make friends, but to make it better than we left it. We are here to build on what is know by those before us, and to gain more paths for the future generations to gain even more knowledge.

There are truths that can not be denied and curiosity is one of them. We need to know how. We need to know why. We need to understand when. The who is not as important, but it is still part of the equation. Like each person we meet, each day is unique and special. Each one has a message and something for us to gain. So why wrap yourself up in who can marry whom? Why wrap yourself up in things like who's belief is stronger or more correct for the day? Belief is dangerous but knowledge is knowing that there is more to be known.

In that redefine your morality, and ask yourself what exactly do you believe? Why do you believe it? What is truth? What have you learned? What knowledge will you bring to your ancestors when you take your last breath? What discovery did you make?

So stop being a douche. Gravity works, the Earth is round, and get the fuck over yourself.

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