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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Screw a snooze bar.

Acceptance. Not many letters in that word, but there is a lot of weight. You see acceptance is the key to life. People worry so much. We work ourselves up, and worry. What do we worry about? We worry about how bad things might turn out. We worry about all the things that could go wrong. You see acceptance is the root of hope. If you understand the life is going to happen regardless of your existence, then you find acceptance in this. In that you find hope and reason to live. You find that the pleasures of life are what we accept as pleasures. The joys in life is understanding that things happen, and just because they happen do not mean they happen to you, or even because of you.

In this there is freedom. You see acceptance or existence gives you the freedom to be happy. It gives you the right to be you. You are only responsible for your own actions, and this includes your own reactions as well as your actions. People do not piss you off, you let yourself get pissed off because of them. In understanding this you understand your responsibility to yourself to be free, and to understand your responsibility to others around you. This is not a free pass to be a child. It is understanding that your actions are your own actions, and only your own actions effect you, but not all others can think in those terms, so you will effect them.

By doing what you do, you share knowledge. The knowledge you share can only be perceived and interpreted with the tools that the perceived have. We are all limited in our ability to understand the information the bombards us each and everyday. You can not fully comprehend the world. If you could you would be a God. We have limitations. Can you see or hear the ultraviolet? That is just a physical perception, and that is the easiest limitation to understand. So you must consider the tools of others, and know that they are as limited as you are physically, and may ore may not be as limited mentally. Some can grasp the concepts of quantum mechanics, but they lack the skill set to gain a kiss with meaning. We all have different skills, and many of us go through life dreaming.

So wakey wakey hands off snakey ladies and gentlemen. You are your deeds, not your words. You are responsible for all that you are, and how you have let others effect you. You are not a sex addict alcoholic that likes crack sprinkles on their lard fed ice cream because of any person in your past. You are who you are because you choose to be who you are, no other reason. You have baggage because you do not want to lay it down, and the only sin you have is knowing you are fucked up and not being willing to do anything about it other than generate excuses. Nothing is anybodies fault but your own, or at least allowing it to effect you as you let it effect you.

Yes you can be physically detained and held against your will, but you are only locked up out here. How you react to it is entirely up to you. If you carry it with you afterward it is because you are weak and wish to offer the freedom up on the altar of blame. You are free to be happy. You are free from conditioning. You are free to smile or cry. The choice is yours. You are to blame for your own happiness.

To fucking easy. Now stop being a douche. 

So in this understand, if I am mad it is because I choose to be mad.  If I smile it is because I want to smile. I am not the sum of other peoples deeds. I am me because of the person I know I want to be. I am my deeds. I am free to be. In that I am absolutely free. I love being me, and I intend to enjoy all the things life has to offer, even if it is not offered to me. I am going to let things happen, and decide how they are going to effect me. If you can't get that, not my fault. If I don't get it, then its my fault.

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  1. In one post, methinks you've just explained life! I LOVE your last paragraph. So well well said!!