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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make me a GOOD sammich

Today I am not in the best of moods. Oh course you know that will will be followed with the catch phrase of "let me tell you why." I can sum this up rather quickly and vent. You see each of us needs to be more in touch with our self. While I am not saying touch yourself with that statement, I am going to say I have no opposition with touching yourself, but that is not the point. What I am going to say, while being aware of your yourself is important you have to learn the value of the other spoon feed drooling masses of shit that we occupy the planet with. This also means that life would be better if these window lickers would get the point and stop trying to force themselves into my existence.

So yes mouth breathers, you do have a simple responsibility in life. If you choose to seek external validation and suffer from affluenza that is your choice. I reserve the right though to not have you fuck with my chi. It is the role of a good human being to not impose a burden on those around them. I am thinking life would be so much easier if people looked at the process of going through life as if you were the member of a highly trained member of an elite organization. I am talking some black van, red striped A-team shit right now. You see a team like this only works if people know that the other people around them are doing there best to their job so you don't have to pick up their slack, and are aware enough of your job so that they do not make it more difficult for you. This is the simplest level of trust you can have. I trust that you are going to do what you need to do, I am going to do what I need to do, and in that we are not going to fuck with each other, and maybe, just maybe achieve what we need to achieve together.

To break this down Barney style, (you know that purple fat meat eating dinosaur disguised as a simple minded vegan hippie love sponge) STOP FUCKING UP THE GOOD TIMES OF OTHERS WITH YOUR SELF CENTERED DRAMA THAT NOBODY REALLY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT. Be aware of yourself, enjoy your self, have self confidence, but do not wash your funky ass self pity doubt and remorse onto another person. If you suck, it does not make it better if you let your suck drip onto other people. We do not care. It is not your right to rub your stupid on other people. You are not so special that you get to ruin the good times of others because you can not or will not have a good time on your own.

Life may have its moments of the proverbial pissing contest, but those pissing contest are not about how sucktacular your life is compared to others. Share joy, not misery. If you have someone that has a shitty life, you do not make friends with them by trying to share or over emphasis that fact that your life is shitter than theirs. I really do not give a shit if you think your life has more misery than mine. If it does, great, it is not my life and even it was I would not choose to wallow in that crap. It does nothing and serves no purpose. I am not going to spend my life saying that my life sucks, if something sucks I figure out how not to make it suck, or I stick my dick in it, let it suck and have a good time with it. Why they hell would you want to fixate on that crap?

This makes you a shitty team member and makes me contemplate fratricide. Seriously get the fuck off my A-team and stay out of my life. You are just going to make my mission unnecessarily hard, or improbable. So save your shit show for another time and get your crap straight before you try to interact with other people. I do not have time, no do I give a damn about having you interfere with my life.

If I have to carry you to get through a part of my life and you did not take a round doing your best to achieve that mutually shared mission, I am just going to leave your ass on the curb. I do not carry my own baggage, I sold that shit in a yard sale, so why the hell do you think I would want to carry yours? If you can only offer misery, why the hell would I want to hang out with you? That being said were is it written that I have to? Offer something to the tribe or leave the tribe so you don't drag it down. You want to be a good person, carry your own weight and have something to offer. If you do that, I have got your six like you wouldn't believe. If you can't don't get butt hurt if I have your six and its in my cross hairs. Really I have no time for stupid self loathing lazy sacks of crap. Life is what you make it, and if you make a shit sandwich don't bitch about the taste. You are the one that made your sandwich, and if you are some hot little chippie, and you do the right thing and make me a sammich, don't make it a shit sandwich.

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  1. How am I expecting this to turn into a Jesse's version of 'Weakest Link'? ;)