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Sunday, April 1, 2012


So today I am sitting here and thinking about all the things going on in the world and realize that all we need to do is develop a sense of tolerance to achieve world peace. Really, think about it. The terrorist out there would not have known what to do if we had simply turned the other check. The hostility and anger that we face in this world is just to much, and to confront a bully you do not need a bully. Fighting fire with fire seems to less efficient than using water after all. I see this being applied across the bored to resolve issues as well, I mean tolerance seems like the perfect way to deal with 99% of the issues out there.

Let us look at Rick Santorum. Okay it was hard to brake you gaze afterwards I know, but we do have to move on. The homosexual community is in an uproar over him, and even lent his name to a rather disgusting term involving anal lube and seminal froth. Now he blusters on the pulpit and ignores the calls for separation of church and hate. Imagine what would happen if we just embraced him and accepted him as he was, and let him take his shot as president. Maybe he would learn from the tolerance and acceptance and do a fine job.

Also on the lines we share in the  media, can we blame them for wanting to make money and manipulate things that people swallow as facts? That is like asking a dog not to poop right? So we tolerate it, and imagine their joy when accept those facts at face value. I mean Ron Paul is obviously not a person, because the media only gives him a foot note mention, so maybe we should ignore him since he is not real after all. The media kisses up to the current regime, so why shouldn't we?

You by being tolerant of all things we can step up and serve the role that we are suppose too. We can be good citizens and not worry about things like truth, knowledge, justice, liberty, freedom, or our own inalienable rights. If we just do what we need to do the world will be a better place. Thoughts hurt to much, so why think them. Violence only begets violence, and people will respect us stepping down in the face of conflict. Maybe those conflicting with us are just misunderstood. 

So I ask you today on this day of days to pledge with me to become tolerant to a fault. Open your hearts and minds to the love in the world. Let us not worry about the intent of the other people and bow to the will of the universe. Because in nature their is nothing by love, kindness, and happiness. Why else would they call it a bear hug right? If in nature we are consumers, why should we not embrace that and not go against our nature. So consume the "news" they give you. Consume the modern concept of America. What is more American than consuming that all American cheese covered cheeseburger from the McDonald's drive-thru window? Don't forget to hurry home and sit on your lazy boy in front of the TV and get your daily dose.

Support your country. Do the right thing. Be tolerant. There is no injustice to fight, because fighting solves nothing. So mark this day on your calender and let the transformation begin.

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