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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A simple suit carries more class.

Back to reality and less on deeper issues right now. Change is coming to our country, and real soon. The elections are upon us. I am going to fill you guys in on a little secret, we are totally fucked. I mean completely and utterly fucked. I can not take four more years of the current situation, for a variety of reasons that other people will fill themselves with disillusion about. I am not here to bash our current president. I will only say that regardless of how people feel things should be, the government only guarantees the right to pursue happiness, it has not promise on happiness itself. Happiness does not mean that I am entitled to shit. This means healthcare, retirement, or what ever other "major" issue the government feels I need to provide for anybody. The solution is not to have the government provide these things but rather fix those those things so that people can provide for themselves. That whole teach a man to fish thing.

Now onto why I am worried, while I look at the current political machine that exist in the country I am fearful. You need money to run, you need a lot of money to run for president. Then you need exposure, and you need positive control over your exposure. The Democrats have shown a mastery of using emails, tweets and micro donations. They have embraced the internet, with youtube campaigns designed to not only get their views out (no matter how crazy they are) and to raise funds. There seems to be more in Hollywood. It is like a nest of vampires, and to be honest this to me is why most of the movies suck now a days. Where is the modern John Wayne? Where is the stand up sensible role models in today's media? That is a different story altogether, but sufficed to say the GOP sucks at the interwebs thing, and still reaches out with shitty ideas for fundraisers.

Now we have the candidates. While I look at Romney I see a great Governor. He did things for the great state of Massachusetts that people seem to ignore fast. Hell that great evil we call Obamacare was modeled on plan Romney out in place, and pointing things out like that, might get him votes from the other side of the fence, but he has the personality of a dead fish. He has not been able to connect to the population. So he could be awesome wrapped in specfuckingtacular and he will not get elected because he is not a 20 second clip of popularity. He does not steal the spot light, and this is popularity contest, not a job interview (like it should be). He can not beat Obama in the next election without some serious help.

Moving on to Santorum. First I want to say as a Republican his breed of Republican has nothing to do with being a Republican. Being conservative means being conservative not being a cool aid drinking fundamentalist. Can we leave that track to Al Qaeda? A conservative is holding onto old values, old values that present a truth with out speculation. Think of it like a conservative suit. It looked good in all eras, and represents class, from Frank Sinatra to Will Smith. That suit might be all they have in common, but it was conservative and it carried class. Santorum does not have that trait. He dresses like Ned Flanders and talks like Hitler. While he has the charisma to pull shit off, he can't even separate church and hate. I wonder half the time if people like him have even read the bible they thump. That Jesus cat was not all filled with hate and fear. That is for week minds. So he has what Romney doesn't, in the sense he can talk to people and get the popular vote, but he is poison.

So now we move onto the invisible man, Ron Paul. While I might not agree 100% with his foreign policy, I do agree with many more of his ideas then I do with any other candidate. He has enough charisma and has a real understanding of a grass roots movement. Most of the bad things say about him are kernels of truth wrapped in shit load of lie. The media ignores him, because he ignores the big money hand outs from those running that show behind the curtain. He can not play the game, because he is opposed to the game, and based on that they will force him from the game. Seriously he is drawing great numbers, yet he only gets a 2 second nod and is mostly ignored by the "ethical" media we have today. For ethics I mean a media based not on reporting the news, but reporting a profit.

So what do we as a people do? What do we do to correct this corrupt system when it is hard to find a champion for the cause that can actually enact viable change, not just leave us with change in our pocket? When did this become a country of Jersey Shore values? Fuck this love and light trippy bullshit that is a smoke screen for poverty and failure. Even in nature shit eats other shit, the difference is malice. A wolf does not eat a rabbit out of spite, it eats it so that it can live and the role of that rabbit is to be food if it gets caught. When did we put on the rose colored glasses and fall down the rabbit hole and start thinking a fictitious world to replace reality with? Seriously people, it is time we grow the fuck up and deal with the issues as best we can in a smart and rational way, and do it looking good wearing a conservative suit.


  1. I just have to chuckle silently. I love your flow of thought. I imagine it does not take you more than 20 minutes to write these. I have to learn to let loose like this more often. Great points, BTW.

  2. It takes me longer to get my head to put the thoughts into words. You are right though. As soon as I get the keyboard to my hands, it does not take me long to let my thoughts flow to the screen. Thank you for the positive feedback.