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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burn burn let that mutha effer burn.

You know some people tell me that I will mellow with age. Well I am aging and I am not feeling anymore mellow. I am actually going to go with the opposite. I find myself disagreeing with people, and being much more vocal about it. My patience slides away with each passing year. This is not how my elders told me it was going to be. I am supposed to settle down and start focusing on a quiet retirement in a house with a white picket fence right?

I am glad that is not me though, and I am glad my inner rebellion in blossoming later in life when I can really enjoy it. As a kid you rebel because your hormones and instinct tell you too. In this phase of life my rebel has a stronger flavor of common sense and is flavored with the deep smoky flavor of vengeance.

It also has a different purpose. This is not dissidence for the sake of dissidence, but rather more thought out. I am actually mad about things I have been a part of, have seen, or done. This is not me just looking for ways to tell me dad he sucks.

The only trouble with this, is that I can see other people that never grew the fuck up, still in that teenage pimple faced rebellion. Even as they approach the sunset years they still rebel because of what they don't have, feel they deserve, and lash out at the world because its not fair. Well the world is not fair. People will always have it better then you if you are a self centered shit bag. So take the rose colored glasses off or move your rebellion out of my sight. You make me want to hit you with something sharp and heavy.

There are many things that are wrong with the world. The difference in this rebellion though, is that I do not believe in forgiveness. I believe in proof. So you can't just say forgive me, even if you mean it, you have to show me you are better. That takes time, so you better get to work, I am not getting any younger. Stand up for what you believe in, and find some damn principles to live by. If you can't just stay away from me, for your own safety. Other then that, have a nice day.

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