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Thursday, September 1, 2011

whine whine every where and not a drop to think

So today its kind of hard to write because I have so much stuff floating in my head. There is so much going on and my A.D.D. is really the only thing keeping me from stabbing random strangers for fun and entertainment. School has decided that since we have a Holiday weekend ahead of us, and we are losing a day, that we would not want to spend that time doing something fun with our family and friends. The figured since we are paying for this education that we might as well get our monies worth. So I have a few assignments I will need to finish before the weekend is out. No worries I am a motivated disciplined mo fo, so I will complete then most likely before Friday ends. If for no other reason that I can do fun shit all weekend.

That being out of the way, I do have a topic. I just told you that stuff so when you see how this all comes out, you will understand my frame of mind and hopefully forgive me for the lack of a proof read. So I am going to hit with a rough stream of words, and see what sticks. If that doesn't work for you, well move the fuck on.

I just want to make it clear that whining is like worrying. It does nothing for you, except make you look like a bitch. Sure things suck. If they things didn't suck we would not have anything to compare the good things too. I am going too go out on a limb here and say that whining can serve a purpose of attracting attention to an issue, but its just whining if that is all you are doing. Pity parties are shitty parties. You can bitch, bitching means you are complaining about something and are offer to resolve it. Whining you are looking for others to either give you attention, sympathy, or resolve it for you.

Now I love fixing the problems that people whine about. Ninety nine point nine percent of the time they do not like it when I fix it either. If you are bitching about your car, I give you a bus schedule. If you complain about being hungry I tell you where the homeless shelter is. You complain about not having a love life, I had you a mirror, a scale, or a copy of your whiny ass on tape. Some people get all three.

Whiners typically end up alone. Like liars they learn to make friends quickly though. So they may deceive you at first. Whiners also tend to gaggle. You will see them roam the streets in packs, because nobody else wants to hang with their stupid emo asses. Seriously if life is that bad, kill yourself and let the rest of us move the fuck on. If you want everybody to do everything for you then kill yourself, you are just wasting space and oxygen that other people might have need of. At the very least if you checked the right box on your drivers license, somebody might get use of your organs. If you do kill yourself do not use pills, or something that would make those organs useless either.

Seriously whining sucks, it gets nothing done. It is rarely productive, and is the primary reason why people suck. So this is my solution, ergo why I am bitching, not whining, if you don't like something, offer a solution or shut the fuck up. When you offer a solution use your brain, and don't dream up some pig flying bullshit just so you can say you are not whining. If something does suck, and you have no solution, that is cool. Just say it sucks and move the fuck on. Chances are the people around you agree, will sympathize. However looking at how bad something sucks does not make it better, often times it just makes people more aware of the suck and makes it worse.

To sum it up, when in doubt, shut your cock holster. If you don't have anything to offer but your opinion, odds are its better to keep it yourself. You are not as important as you think you are, and people really don't give a fuck about what you do or don't like. We may pretend, if you are hot member of the sex we are attracted too, but its just pretend.

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