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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real it in

I am slowly settling back in to civilian life and looking at mobilizing again. I am still up in the air on what they are going to do with me, but seriously looking at another trip over to a foreign country to meet strange people, shoot them, and take their goats. Big brother gets their oil, but damn it, I get the goats. Thinking about this though has got me weighing and measuring a lot of other aspects of my life. I am watching my friends list shrink, but my relationships grow stronger. I am watching people show their asses in public and wonder why they like to stick it up where people can shoot at it?

So I place a good amount of stock in those I call friend. Be prepared to be judged even more if I label you family. I speak out against people that piss me off, and speak louder to those I care about. The reason I am thinking about this more then normal is that possibility of another deployment. Not because I am worried about my family and friends, because those worthy of title typically are grown up adult type people that can put on their own damn pants. The thought provoking portion comes from looking at my Facebook account. When I was in Iraq last year, I nearly had two thousand people on my friends list. Now I am still logging in at an impressive four hundred plus.

So why the seventy five percent drop on the list? What made the list shrink so much in a mere four months. Well lets just say that there seem to be some dumb asses out there that think it fashionable to be attached to a deployed soldier, sailor, airmen, or marine. They do this because it shows they support the troops, and can register that claim to whom ever they like. It is the latest thing, like a swatch watch. Now the thing about all those people that ran away or got the boot when I got home, not a damn one sent a letter, care package, or did anything other then clutter my friends for a year.

So it got me thinking about the definitions that other people have for family, friends, or buds. Do people do this too seek validation? Do they friend whom ever they can so they can feel like they have enough friends to justify their bad behavior? As if by friending, liking, or sharing links to enough social causes makes up for the negative karma they use to drive their dogma around. I wonder if liking the planet on Facebook makes it okay to  drop your shit off on the neighbors lawn. If that is the case I am going to drop a load of toys in the toys for tots bin this year, just before I burn down that orphanage. It attacked me first, honest. ( luvs to Richard)

So in this I found that my family and friends have something real awesome in common. They have not need to celebrate their deeds and advertise their social success. They have no need to seek accolades for things they are just observers in. I can measure them by THEIR deeds and not their position on the deeds of others. That ladies and gentlemen is the very definition of keeping it real. 

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