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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

There is a huge issue looming around that people do not seem to get. This could apply to all people, in all walks of life. It does not matter if it is politics or conversation with people you know. No matter the reason or the cause, there is a simply principle that adds much more weight to your cause. Half the truth is still a full fucking lie. If you are going to talk shit about somebody or something, try to get all the facts in there, or shut your damn mouth.

You have to look at things in context. You have to see all the facets of something. Screw seeing all the sides, because douche nozzles are douche nozzles even when telling you how they feel. Facts are facts though. For example lets look at a dead beat dad issue. Lets say you have a lady crying to the news and the cops that her ex husband does not pay child support? This one hits hard to home for some people. Well most people jump on the bad wagon, and call that guy a douche. He is labeled and people talk all kinds of trash. What you didn't know is the poor victim received the checks, but she never cashed them. To compound it she also refused him access to his child. Half the time she did cash them but they got spent on everything but the kid. Now who is the ass hat?

Typically those of poor character are looking for their movie check. You get estranged spouses collecting alimony when they are perfectly capable to work on their own. I hate that argument that they are entitled to the lifestyle they have grown accustomed too. Well if they love the lifestyle so damn much get a job and live it on your own, or stay with whomever you are married to. If you are divorcing that person it is saying you no longer want that lifestyle right? Yet I have seen people I know recently get called bad names because they are late on their extortion payments.

People jump on them when the “victim” only shares the truth they feel like sharing, not the whole truth . So the best way to deal with things is with the whole truth, or stay the fuck out of it. I also love when people twist or exaggerate “facts”. Hundreds become thousands. They mention failures to pay, but the forget to mention that the person that didn't pay them made attempts but they went into hiding. I love when people bitch about a boss when they fail to show up to work. I love when people say they got picked on and bullied, but they fail to tell you that they conveniently forgot to shower.

People play power games, and in doing so tell the worst kind of lies. They spread half truths. Those are the most dangerous, and the most cowardly. They have just enough truth to give them power, but they are absolute bullshit. Those people are rarely caught until its too late, and their fangs are deep in you. They find ways to get leverage over you, and then you lay down and become their bitch. How about this, you call them out, you take away their perceived power over you by telling the truth, the whole truth to whomever needs to hear it.

If you share the truth with those that deserve it, and live the truth in your life, those people never gain power over you. Those that seek power rarely deserve it. You keep yours and give it to those of your own free will. Yes those power grubbing low life's will still try to get it from you, because its hard work trying to get a free ride. Yes they will piss you off, and let them. You have a right to be angry, but do not cross that line and let them have power over you. Do not assault them if they can get power over you. Do speak out against them, and do the world a service. Make sure they are properly labeled for the snake oil salesmen they are. Do not let them poison you with their lies, and do not tolerate their half truths. Get all the facts, know the truth of a story.

The best part about it, your gut will tell you when you are right. If they are crazy typically you will know. That guy with a sweet tongue that gives you the creepy vibe is probably a creep. If that gutter whore telling you a sob story that sounds to shitty to be true, most likely is. If their story sounds worse then yours it might just be, but typically its also equal parts bullshit. If it seems to dramatic, it is probably drama. So trust your gut. This is why I like hanging with assholes, what you see is what you get, and its not just the half truth. You get every bit of that they see and even the shit you didn't want to see. So take the truth and take it all like a porn star. Do not suffer anything less then your full share.

A liar is a liar no matter what robes they wrap themselves in. A person always making friends typically needs to, because they lose them just as fast.

Post Script and completely off topic;
I want to say thank you too those of you that read this. This body of work is me putting my thoughts to words. It is a journal of who I am, and I have not shared a lot of these thoughts with people during my life. Most of friends know a good portion of it, but a rare few know the whole truth about me. Most people get what they want to know, or don't bother to ask for all of it. If you look through my past, most people will tell you I am drunk asshole that says crazy mean shit at the best possible time. I like to keep the real me hidden. Then one day, while ranting on my Facebook I realized that deeper me it pretty fucking cool and it was about time more people got to meet him. Even here this is not the whole me, but those of you that have followed me on this journey of making writing a job are seeing more then most people ever have. So I thank you for looking at my soul bared. I thank you for the support and kind words. Thank you.

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