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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some are pushed, others are pulled.

In the last few months I have a great amount of exposure to people in different situations. I have seen reactive and proactive behavior in force. Most people are reactive, but hey most people are just like that. So with that I want to get a few things off my chest about what motivates a person. At a basic level people want to be left to their own devices. It seems that most people would be content with sitting on their couch, munching some chips, drinking pop, and having their brains melted away by day time TV. This also shows in the physicality of people too. I mean really there are not that many inactive people that can pull off spandex.

So what motivates you? What gets you moving? What gets your ass off the couch and into the mix? What makes you want to actually participate in life, rather then watch it pass you by? Like I said most people are reactive. So they get off the couch because something makes them. They have to go to work. Somebody comes over. Somebody ask them to do something. Proactive people think ahead and say things like I want to go for a hike, and they plan it out and go. The see problems ahead of time and put actions in place to prevent further damage, or to prevent them all together. I look at the two trains of thought as who is attacking issues and who is defending issues.

So with my brain wired that way I look at all the crap going on in peoples life, and see how and why they react the way they do. For example I have recently called several people out. I have given them the spot light they asked for, I just have not used the light they wanted me to use. In essence I did not do the model thing and show their good side. I have no tolerance for ass clowns that disrupt the positive flow in my community or use subtle tricks to try and harm my friends. With that I have seen a large amount of reaction, and only two examples of proactive behavior.

The thing I observed the most though, I found humorous. It violated the first rule of dating in my book. Rule number one, don't stick your dick in crazy. Men are motivated by sex. Ugly men will do what they can to get it, even violate rule number one. What I mean by this is that a few of the people I called to the mat are of the XX chromosome variety. That would be the female genetic make up, of the species. In doing this though the males of the species have come to their defense in droves. Yes part of it is because we as men have a tendency to seem to think all the women in the world need our protection.

I have found that the women that are worth my protection rarely need it. I have also found that those that scream the loudest to defend those that are unworthy, typically do so because its a good chance they might be seen in a favorable light. You have some crazy chica with severe daddy issues, you can increase your odds of of getting your bean wet if you cater to those issues. Trouble is they are crazy, and most times their inner ugly spills over to their exterior. So if not only are you humping a hose beast (if they decide to bang you out of reward or pity) but you are also contaminating your penis with crazy. Crazy likes to stick to your penis too. Condoms don't ward off crazy.

Now in this these guys show a desperation that does not warrant a healthy self esteem. They lower the standard for themselves and claim the any port in a storm argument. TO me that is the issue. Women are not as picky as men with the physical. While I am not going to say that they are not superficial at times, they are less so then men typically are. That being said, those same guys could find them spending more time with suitable mates, if they exhibited better judgement. Its shows confidence and the ability to be a better man.

Your heart and mind make you more sexy. Seriously look around and you will see some nasty snaggle tooth guys with some hotties. Well either that guy has some money and those ladies are superficial gold diggers, or that guy brings a number of other things to the table. I was told more then once in life that women find confidence attractive. Cockiness is a turn off, and I can see that, since cocky is really another way of saying you have poor self esteem and hide it behind bullshit deeds. Confidence is knowing yourself, it is strength in all senses of of the word. Real women that are straight want to be be with a guy, not a woman, or they would be lesbians. Nothing wrong with that, but if you are a straight guy looking for a straight girl, you might want to understand your market. I am told that even some lesbian women are attracted to those traits in women too.

So if you have a crazy psycho hose beast chick that will sleep with you, and you have no self esteem either, you need to think about how much she is slumming. So are you really that low on the food chain that you would be treated that way and have to settle or be settled for? Or are you going to start thinking with the higher head and actually find happiness outside of a few seconds of physical pleasure? What drives you? What motivates you to be that white knight?

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