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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The price of right.

When did it happen in our culture that the prom king and queen would dictate our sense of right and wrong? Seriously, when did doing the right thing become a popularity contest? To many times we find ourselves looking at some injustice, or some blatant act of moral disgust. When we do, people tend to look at the people involved, rather then the issue. We either stay out of something because we feel it is safer that way, I mean we would not want to hurt someone's feelings right? Or we over react because we do not like the person on the other side of the issue.

I have tried to base my opinion of people on where I see them on the subject of right and wrong. If you lie, or are know to lie, I really don't have much use for you. I don't care if you are sexy, powerful, or can do something to make my life easy. It is what it is. If you use your charisma to sway people against someone and you use subterfuge or manipulation to do it, does that mean you are now doing the popular right thing now? Seriously when did this happen?

If someone you have an issue with was wronged, I mean wronged and it was so far from right that you can see it through your loathing. What do you do? Do you support that injustice, because you think its karma in action? I am just curious how many times you have made choices to stand on the side lines or to support something, simply because you did not like the person the other side.

This is not a new concept by any means. We as a people vote on everything. Abortion right or wrong is decided by vote. The death penalty is voted on if you believe in it or not. We let popular opinion sway or own moral compass all the time. Look at religion. People often refer to the strength of their beliefs by the shear number of people that follow their faith. Mega churches are all over the country. It is almost as if the more people we can sway to our train of thought the righter it is.

So if I start a campaign to declare the sun rotates around the earth, can I make it true if I get enough people to agree with me? It just bothers me so much. We see attempts at this all the time. Intelligent design still has supporters. People strap bombs to themselves for ideals, and commit the ultimate wrong on other people. They do this even if those they directly affect where not even involved in the first place.

Somethings are black and white as right and wrong, yet people convince people of the the righteousness of their evil all the time. People justify things like the abuse of others, the defamation of character, or even murder of a person. They get away with it, or even gather support as long as they are popular or can use popular ideas to get what they want. That to me is sad.

In a recent event in my own life, I saw a friend get trashed by others. Why did this happen? Well one person that lead the most recent battle cry, decided to seek revenge. She was called out by my friend for being a money grubbing vindictive hooker. In truth that is exactly what she was. She made claims on things she had no right too, and still does, because of her hatred of someone she once claimed to love. Now she could not get back at my friend directly, so she started planting seeds with a poisoned tongue dipped in honey. With no proof she started whispering in the ears of all she could get alone, about how this lady was a liar and thief. She never once came out to publicly accuse her, because that is the way of cowards and liars. Lies rarely survive the light of day.

Now others saw this happening. Rather then call her out on her lies, they supported the her. They stayed away from my friend. They did not validate the lies, but they did say they COULD be true. I am not sure if it was because they wanted them to be true, or they didn't care. They did not like this other person, my friend, so they fed the beast. Then we her coworkers in a charity started to believe the lies, because so many whispered them, though they could not be true. Proof was available to vindicate my friend, and not one shred of proof to incriminate her was available. Yet people bought into them.

Why is this? Popularity. Its easy to do the socially right thing, but its lonely on the higher moral ground. So people do not like to stand by their convictions if it leaves them alone. I say fuck that. If it is right, it is right. You stand by it, or you lay down like a hooker and just take what life gives you. Popularity is not how you make real friends. If that was the case Barbie would be happy, because you can buy that chica all the friends she could use.

So maybe I am wrong in this, but I am standing by it either way. You can try to convince me with facts, but do not try to sway me with sweet words. Just because a thousand people believe it, does not make it true. Truth lays in the results.

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