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Monday, September 19, 2011

Win, lose, or who gives a damn.

Nothing tells you more about a person then the simple act of doing something. You see in success you find out who are the leeches. You find those that cling to you for their life blood. You find you true friends, because they pat you on the back and expect nothing more then that privilege. Friends nothing from you, they want everything for you. So be successful and you will find some friends. The other side of the coin is failure. This is a another great test of the world. You fail and their will be those on you that twist the knife to make them feel better about themselves. They will remain smug and condescending because you validate them. You let them know that no one should try. They will take your failure and magnify it to the group of people they associate with. I dare say friends, since these people really do not know what a friend is. These are the vultures. Then from the vultures come your friends again. These are the ones offering a hand up. They want you back on your feet. They want you to try again, because they want you to be all that you can.

I am happy with my success's in life. I am pleased with my failures. The reason is they have helped me learn so much. I have learned that people will claim to be friends, they will claim to honor you and your trust, but then when you fail they will twist your words to suit their purpose. They will be vipers, and they will strike and strike, because they feel it is their purpose to try and keep you down. These are the people that will teach you your strength. It is because of them I get up. It is because of them I refuse to see the world in a narrow view. It is because of them I do not underestimate a single person. It is in spite of them I get up, dust off and go back to work.

I choose to share my life with my friends. Success and failure a like. I try to encourage my friends to find their own. It is in those received actions that you can really tell the person you are dealing with. You can really see what they do based on their deeds and efforts. Words can be twisted. Words can be dipped in honey to hide the poison. Words hold little value outside of the action they invoke. So go do something, measure your life and write your own story.

The best revenge is living well and knowing your enemies will die before you. Smile knowing they died before they even lived. So let them clamor for glamour and attention. Let them grip onto their youth and vanity. Let them wallow in their own self perceived grandeur, but never ever stop trying to be better. Do not be better then them to prove something to them, be better then them because you are. Count your friends like treasures, and guard them with your heart. All those other people, fuck them. They can choke on their own spite. Let them live their own lie, and you live your own life.

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