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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tab, I remember you boo

In good company there are certain things you should not discuss, or so I am told. So I say give me some bad company. I like to be challenged. I like to have conversation that insights debate. There is nothing like talking about religion or politics with someone that can actually offer an intelligent responses. I like when people can back up their views with things more then speculation. That being said I understand the lack of desire to mix the two though. They are like oil and water, they are not, where not, and unable to mix with good results.

Politics can be backed up with facts, or at least should be. Religion is a belief and rarely can you find facts with in a religion. That being what it is I find it disturbing that someone would want to bring belief into politics, even if I agree with the belief. Passion can have a place in the oval office, but not this kind of passion. You can be driven by religion, but you lose perspective when you let that drive move your politics.

You see our founding fathers saw a need to support this idea, yet they also understood the right of people to practice their own personal belief system. They even through out an olive branch to religions of the world. They said simply, since we are asking you to stay out of politics, we are not going to tax you. Taxation without representation is one of the big reasons we have the government we have here in these United States.

I look at it like service in the military, which is government service. We lose quite a few of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution in order to serve and protect that same sacred document. In essence those politics become our religion so we are separated from being able to be too outspoken. A solider, sailor, marine or airmen is not allowed to wear their uniform in support of political action. There are places we are not allowed to go when in uniform. It is as it should be, I am not complaining about that at all. You put on the uniform you represent everyone else who has ever put it on, and you damn well better respect that.

They take some of those rights from us, because of the same reason that religion and politics should never mix. Beliefs are individual, and should never be used to guard over the whole. This is called despotism. Beliefs are not always shared, even in the same religious path. When you do use religion to form a group, or enforce behavior in a group, you have to make it as rigid as possible in order to give beliefs strength. I am looking for examples of a singular belief system being successful in government over the size of a city state, and each example was full of oppression.

So debate your views with friends. Talk about your politics, and their politics. Share religious views and inquire about others. You can even mix those two in conversation, but please do your best to keep them a part in reality. Taking God out of government is not a disrespect to your God, its protecting everyone's right to respect their God, even yours. Think about it, how many people go to your church, coven, temple, shrine, blot, or other religious gathering. Now think about the amount of people who don't. Who do you think will end up in charge? I can almost insure it would not be you. So get the fuck over yourself and save your preaching  pulpit and keep it away from the podium. 

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