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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Absence makes the heart do something.

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have returned from my escape of the constraints of reality. I spent little more then a week in the mountains of Colorado. I can tell you with all the joy and wonder of a five year old boy that those mounds of rock can recharge your soul. You also get a firm look into the souls of others, and you can also find true measure of yourself. It is in mutual hardship that you find those things that make us great and nasty at the same time.

I know its Sunday, and I told myself that I must write on Monday through Friday. I am doing this as an experience building exercise, in order to develop as a writer. However I must also remember why I have a desire to write, and in that I am prepared to share this wonderful experience, and share the depths of which in effected me. I am not doing this to be selfish though, I am doing this because I hope that in sharing somebody somewhere might get something out of it.

So on the plus side I renewed my thirst for writing. In seeing both the good and the bad in the world around me, I measure the depth of the episode I wish to share. I also try so hard to look deeper at each and everything around me, or at the very least see it in a way I have never seen it before. In this I have a whole new group of experiences to share.

So on my hermitage to the hills, I saw rain. There where great bouts of thunder and lighting. I was not alone in this hallowed hills, and I loved seeing how others dealt with the light show that nature decided to share with us. Pink Floyd would be jealous. That was the thoughts of only a few of the souls who joined me on this journey. Most said, "Awe shit its raining, and that sucks."

We can look at the deeper part of all things and break them down, or we can just look at the surface and realize how much life sucks. Most people are happy looking at the surface and the warped reflection it offers of their life. Most people are of the awe shit variety. However there are those others that know that there is more too enjoy in every moment.

The rain makes the grass grow, and when it rained I did not get bit once by the infamous horse fly's. The lighting showed me shapes in the hills that I could not see with my flash light. It cooled me off. I was prepared with my poncho and walked through the rain from huddled masses around their fires. I was able to do so much more and as I moved through the rain unfettered. The thunder covered the bitching and moaning of the people around me. I slept like a baby pried of the tit. Man it was nice.

I also saw the balance that a true hedonist can enjoy. Its about enjoying the moment, not trying to dull yourself to the moment, or even focus on one moment over and over. If indulging your vices causes you to miss things, or just flat out ignore them, then you are probably a douche. Most people that drown themselves in pot, booze, or what ever other habit they have, typically do so with a high level of asshole. They think they have a right to cover you with nauseating smoke or try to talk over you with a slavering drooling gibber jabber.

I do not want to dull my senses to a point I am senseless. I choose too see what ever I can in what ever I can, so that I might find my muse hidden in a moment that others would miss. If you make the choice to ruin your life with excess that it not only self destructive but annoying, please do not do so in my presence. I am not one for watching people commit suicide, it usually leaves a mess that other people have to clean up.

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