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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clear as mud.

noun \ˈbu̇-lē, ˈbə-\
plural bullies
Definition of BULLY
archaic a : sweetheart b : a fine chap
a : a blustering browbeating person; especially : one habitually cruel to others who are weaker b : pimp
: a hired ruffian
Origin of BULLY
probably from Middle Dutch boele lover; akin to Middle Low German bōle lover, Middle High German buole
First Known Use: 1538

Interesting huh? The origin on the word bully is romantic? Why am I putting this up here? Well its simple I gave this some thought. What defines the act of being a bully? Bullying is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen according to another site. I think this is interesting and lately this has been a buzz word in the news. Bully's are a popular target for the masses, and people get all up in arms over them. They say they should not be tolerated, and they get all aggressive when the punishment of the bully is dealt out.

We do this a lot. We don't think before we act. I have even been accused of this. Well I say if you want to see why people get upset you can look at the end results of an act. If the final part of your act or choice results in something bad for somebody else, you did something bad. I can also say that nine times out of ten those that claim their was no malice in their acts are liars, the one out of the nine is more dangerous, they are a sociopath. I know there are times when I do indeed fly off the handle, but I like to think of it as acting quickly.

Too many people I know NEVER act. The react when they have to, and if they can get away with it they never do a thing that requires effort or commitment. This is why bully is the watch word. We do nothing, we do not act, until its to late. If you force someone out of a job, we react. When somebody is embarrassed at school we let it go until they try to kill themselves. Then we react. We wait for extremes and we never look at the source of an issue.

I define a bully as someone that uses force to intimidate, under the threat of physical violence, or harm. They do this for entertainment to boost their ego. They are weak and do not want people to know they are. So they transfer their weakness on to others. Why do I think this, well what do they tell us when we ask how to deal with a bully, you stand up to them right? So far in my life that has worked. They back down, but then you get accused of being a bully. Because we so love that word.

You want to stop bullies then you need to act, not react. We need to get it where it counts. We need to raise our children to understand that they are not a victim. We also need to stop rewarding them for being a victim. We need to teach the difference in positive attention and negative attention. It might help if we also teach them that they do not need attention and validation comes from within. We raise them to be strong so they are not targets for bullies or do not become bullies themselves.

There will be bullies, or at least people will always feel like they are being bullied if we keep raising people to think like and accept being a victim. Yeah I know this is going to piss people off. Not once but twice. They are gonna be made when they see what a bully is, and they are gonna be made when they see where they hold the power and responsibility. Yep we feed create and act as press agents to perceived bullies and victims. We give the victim lavish attention, and we give the bully attention as well. They soak it up and do not correct their behavior because we rewarded them in our own way.

I also say bully on those accusing me of being a bully or even a victim of a bully. First let me say I am not picking on someone using physical violence to feed my weak ego. I do not need validation from anyone. Did I say some harsh things about someone? Yep sure did. I also mean all of it. Those are my feelings, and how I feel. My opinion. So deal with it ass hats, its your choice if you want to follow my opinion. End results tell me who the bully is, but they are crying victim saying I don't have the full story.

I have enough of the story. You scared, insulted, and harassed someone out of a job. I don't think you are a bully either. I think you are a conniving little bitch. I will not attend a single group event that you are a part of. This is not a threat of physical violence. Its a statement of my resolve and expressing how I feel. I will not be friends with people that call you friend, why because I do believe birds of a feather flock together. I do not want friends that manipulate like you. Period. To easy right?

So lets look at that definition of bully again and see what is really going on here? You know maybe the stupid delusional one could say I was a bully if the perceived threat of death to her and her unborn spawn? She might have had a case if the threat was real and not all in her crazy little head. I think people confuse this with my ability to commit violence. Just because I can, does not mean you are worth it.

After all this writing I am hoping I have confused you all further. I hope you understand this is a blog. Its not a fact sheet. Its me talking about how I feel. Its basically a journal shared with the world, and should never be taken as the gospel. If you find something good in here use it, but do not reference it as the perfect source. If you use it to fuel your social drama good for you, now fuck off. I am tired of it. You can lie all you want. I am not paying anymore attention to you or your goof troop.


  1. There is something to be said for intervention when necessary. However, I tend to believe in the amazing powers of raising your children properly.

    Also, Last line win. You can't reference goof troop enough in my opinion. *nods sagely*

  2. Siiiggghhhhh, ya know its just amazing at how something so simple can be made into a shit souffle and handed out for all to eagerly gobble up. I too am sorry for what has been thrown at your doorstep, if only we could be living in 825AD simple solutions for simple people.