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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tailcoats don't have shock absorbers

In my life I have accomplished a lot of things already. This is because I have trouble thinking like a sheep, and I rarely say no to something new. I think this is a great trait and its one of my personal favorites. If a person ever did anything for fun, I am up for trying it if the opportunity presents itself. I would even be willing to try something twice if the first time sucked, because I didn't do it right or my instructor sucked. Skydiving, spelunking, rock climbing, bungee jumping, open water sailing, and so much more.

I love to travel. I have stepped foot on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. I had the chance once, but passed, because it is to fucking cold there. I am the person that sleep with the AC on in the winter when I can, and it was stupid cold. Like I said I rarely say no, but I do when even my common sense decides to scream at me with logic.

Now on this next journey and career change, I am finding myself jumping off of a cliff from time to time. Trying to get a book published can be a scary thing, and very emotional. You send off a submission and you cringe a bit. It is like blindly finding a baby sitter for you child. You really have to relax some paranoia you have about trust. Now the next step is the rejection. Getting a generic rejection letter can be painful, saying you are not good enough for a personal address. However I will tell you it hurts more when they reject you flat out and make it personal.

Adventure is adventure though, and it rarely comes without bruises. Sometimes you get scars. However most times you get smiles. It is so worth the ride. I have been rewarded with some good stories to share. I have developed a sense of balance in my adventures. I truly believe this has made me a stronger person. These however are my adventures. These are my choices. This is who I am. I do not expect anyone else to get this. I do not expect anyone else to follow me on this roller coaster I call life. Well except maybe my wife, she is contractually obligated.

So that being said, if you are riding my coat tails, or at least trying to, stop bitching if you get a mouthful of dust. You have no right to complain if a mission fails, or ends in injury, when you are taking minimal risk. If you don't want to try it yourself, then be happy looking at my butt. The bigger the risk the bigger the reward, and if you can't deal with that stay on your couch eat your bon bons. More important do not judge me when you have done nothing with your life but collect dust.

There are a lot of human beings out there. The are just so busy being. Rocks are being too. Its easy. It doesn't take motivation, ambition or energy to be. I am a different species and I love it. I am a Human Doing. I do shit. I love doing things. I like to build things. I like to take things apart. I like to do so much. Its about life and life is a contact sport. It can be a team a sport. At the end of it all though it is an action event that requires you to participate to get the most out of it.

So walk up the buffet and take a bite of everything. Get involved and join a new species of man. Like the X-men we are no longer human beings, but something much much more. So don't bitch if you think I will carry you and you fall, get bruised or lose an eye. I am a Human Doing.

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