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Friday, July 29, 2011

I still has checks!

How many of you still use a check book? Hopefully not many. However most of you try your best to be responsible and maintain a sense of balance on your own personal finance. Imagine though that you are exceeding you are living back at home. You parents are fighting over money. Your mom says we can make it work, but we need get another credit card. The spending is only twelve hundred more a month then what is brought in. Dad says no, we are not getting another card, and he wants to cut out spending. He starts by saying we can save twelve hundred a month is we stop donating to charity, stop eating, stop going out, and stop paying for health insurance.

This is the whole argument with the debt ceiling. Both sides are being retarded, and fighting each other so hard they are ignoring what the hell is going on. We spend ONE HUNDRED TWENTY BILLION dollars more then we bring in every month. Yes billion. Also they are using this to create a fiscal crisis in the US. If they fail to raise the debt ceiling, aka get another credit card, the adverse effect is we lose our triple A rating. We would still be a double A. These means we may or may not have to pay more in interest. Yet they spin it up like a commercial finance Armageddon. Wall street of course buys into it, so they can blame their own irresponsible behavior on the government.

On the other side of the party lines they want to cut spending. Sounds like a great idea right, why spend more then you make? The trouble is they are looking to cut things that people count on. They are talking about cutting food stamps, with out offering those on them better employment. They are talking about cutting government support programs without insuring those that are on them have the means to support themselves. Most of the cuts they are offering are bitter attempts at making their partners on the hill look bad becasue they will never agree. It would be like you or I cutting out gas money without getting a ride to work, cutting out food without getting something to substitute it. Then you add something excessive to the list like going out and buying twelve happy meals and throwing them in a dumpster to piss off the homeless. Then when the other side will not agree to it points that is what they bring up saying that their opponent just wants to keep on throwing away those happy meals.

The issue is they are both horribly wrong, but they are locked in a fight so old they can not use reason. Creating more debt to pay debt is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Cutting all spending is cutting off your nose to spite your face. The solutions however are simple and where solved for us in middle school. If you spend more then you make you need to either cut spending and bring it back to that level, or you can bring in more money. For most of us that would mean getting a second job, for the country though that would be raising taxes.

Now everybody talks about raising taxes like tax the rich. I agree that the rich could and should pay a bit more in taxes, but you have to understand a few basic principles about rich people. Most of them are rich because they are very protective about their money, and they are extremely smart in what they do to make their money. If you tax them more they will find other ways to make money and keep more of it. Do not hate them because they do what many will not try to do. Be happy to know though they do pay sales tax, property tax, and a variety of luxury taxes. They just do not pay as high of a percentage on their income.

Even then lets look at taxes and government programs. Lets look at all the things the government spends our money on and see what makes sense. First the average Joe loses almost twenty five percent of their income to taxes or funding government programs. So if you worked for one dollar a day (like many other countries) you only take home seventy five cents. Now you spend that seventy five cents and have to pay taxes on your purchases. National average is at least another ten percent or ten cents. So at the end of the day you only make sixty five cents, and the government makes thirty five percent directly from your labor.

That being said don't you think it would be nice to hold them accountable for your labor? Do you think it would make sense that you say what they spend your labor on? Shouldn't all the programs be brought to the table, and all of them should be looked at and tracked for success? Wouldn't it make sense that we see how our labor is spent before they ask us for more labor? Because the rich will protect their money, and those tax raises will be put on us. It is the way it has worked for generations. So think about that.

I say DC needs to balance the damn check book. They need to stop bickering like divorced parents living together. They all need to shut the fuck up and look at what they are doing to all of us. Hence the other phase in the war on stupid. I once proposed that during the next two elections that you do not reelect a single person in office. Let them know we are tired of the party bickering that serves nobody and sure as hell does not serve the country. I say we cut their retirement checks and salaries. Get their damn hands off ours. Getting elected should not be winning the lottery, it should be about serving your country. It should not be about trumping up your party, but serving your country you ass hat.

That is the beauty of America, we can take the reigns back. We can fix it if we really want to. So get involved in your future. Declare war on stupid and take the fight to them. Hand them a pink slip and make them balance the check book with pointing fingers. Stop grand standing and show boating, just fix it. I don't care what party you are, I just care if you are really trying to do whats right by the country, or are you only worried about trying to do right by you? So don't put up with this crap people and stop declaring your are republican or a democrat, and start calling yourself an American.

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  1. I couldn't have put it better. I honestly have nothing more to add because you said it perfectly. I am so sick of the stupid and senseless fighting that happens because of two labels (dem/rep). They act like spoiled rotten children and at this point are getting away with it. STAND UP AND VOTE AMERICA!!! It is our right, nay our DUTY to say enough is enough. How? VOTE!!! Let's stop letting this amazing country be run by idiots. We have the power to make this great nation great again, so let's DO IT!