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Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you mean I have to pay for this?

First off let me say happy Monday to all you wayward travelers. Its the start of a new week, and the day I go get my schedule for college. Yeah its been a few years but I am thinking a brick and mortar school is going to do me some good. So I am actually excited about this. For the rest of you I hope your Monday works out to be as rewarding.

You know that is how I measure my actions by the way. It is also half of my simple life philosophy. What I mean by the that is I decide on what adventure I am going to have based on risk and reward. Also not matter how it turns out I believe from the first step on you need to understand your responsibility for your actions. I think people would be better served to understand those two simple things and how they interact with their life.

Good bad or indifferent responsibility is a huge part of measuring a person. It is also an involuntary action. There are few things you can do to cover your responsibility. The most a shifty person could hope to do is shirk their responsibility. However the responsibility is always easy to trace. Accepting responsibility is a good way to measure a person, at least in my opinion. Owning your own issues and taking your praise.

The second half of the equation is the risk reward formula. I give this pause in all of my actions. I think seriously about the consequences of my actions, and if the reward exceeds the worst possible outcome. I think to many people focus on the reward and ignore the consequences they do not want to deal with. Most people are also delusional pansies though.

Lets break this down Barney style so all the kiddies understand this. I am going talk about one of my favorite subjects, sex. Most people fixate on the act of sex and that wonderful three second orgasm. I love sex, I think it can be a great shared experience. I think about the varied degrees of intimacy. I too like the way it makes me feel and that release of the orgasm. The difference is I think of all the things and aspects of it before I even thought about sexual activity.

Every time you have sex you run the risk of an STD sure, I mean they suck and AIDs can kill you. Most people think about that but forget the whole purpose of sex int he first place. Reproductive organs are called reproductive organs becasue they are there to reproduce. That means you must give serious thought to every time you have sex it could also result in a child.

Granted there are ways to correct a pregnancy but there are people out there that do not agree with those methods. Also as a father I kind of dig the idea. So that does not scare me, but it is a responsibility. However think about how long it took you to get out of your parents hair? It can be a task if you are not ready for it, but even then children can be there own reward.

So think about your responsibilities. Truly give thought to the risk and the rewards of what you do, and do not lie to yourself about it. Don't lie to yourself because all you will do is end up with something in your lap you tried to hide from yourself. Good or bad you get what you get and you need to accept that. Its not your daddy's fault, or thanks to your mom. You have your big boy pants on and can make your own choices.

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  1. Well said and advice I have needed to take to heart as of late.