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Monday, July 18, 2011

From the ash you arise pretty bird,.. ow that burns.

Recent events have boiled over and tainted my blog. Stupid flowed over into my life, and rely pissed me off. However today I am renewed. I am ready to face the day. Why is that? Well that is because the best revenge is living well after all. Today is a great step in that path. You see most of these people struggle more then normal or smart people do. They make as much as normal people but they manage their funds as poorly as they handle their lives. One of them held a bake sale to cover their rent. While I appreciate that they didn't beg or pan handle like some other con artist I know, it still gives you a great look into there insight.

So how does one move on, live a better life, and escape the grasp of stupid? Well that is simple, you stop being stupid. You get smart. Today is another step on the path of getting smart. Today I have orientation for college,.. again. Yep I am going back to a brick and mortar college. I am also starting on a new educational path, so orientation is required. No hard sciences. No mathematics. Nope, not going to go the practical number crunching fact finding syllabi that I have enjoyed my whole life. Nope this is the time for me to study liberal arts.

Yep I is getting me and education in the writing stuff. I am is gonna learns me sum grammar. Hookt un fonix wurkt fer mee. I am taking that first physical step on my path of becoming a better writer. I am going for that paper that says I am supposed to be good at it. Then on to better things with my life from there. I am going to become a grammar Nazi and try to kick my dependency on spell check. Its like rehab for stupid.

Aside from that this whole ordeal has taught me something about community though. People are talking about a rift, and lines being drawn, and you know what? They are right. The lines are being drawn and I and can tell you where those lines are. It is not about this issue at all, because there will always be stupid people ready to try and screw people. No this is about definitions of community.

One side sees community as a group of people with similar ideas meant to support them in their life. These are the ones that ask what is in it for them, and pass lip service to the concept as long as it is keeping them fed and happy. They only refer to the community when the need something, might need something, or want to draw attention to themselves. These are you are your welfare grabbing, dirty house living, social sponges that entertain themselves with drama.

The other side is those that believe that community is a symbiotic relation. These are the people that are individuals but also understand the strength and support an extended family has to offer. They openly do things for those in their community with no request for help for themselves. These are the people that boost their friends up, rather then get jealous and tear them down. These are the people that understand that if your neighbor paints his house, it helps make the whole neighborhood better. I like this community and do my best to keep it strong.

So on this day two things have risen from the ash. The first is my inner student. A new career path is open before me and it is exciting. I also get to stare at hot little college students with short skirts and tight shirts for a bit, so win win there. The other is a concept of Community. The ash of selfish behavior sloughing off on one side, and the real community of people with support and helping hands on the other. One side seeks and needs validation from others, and only calls when they need help. The other validates others over themselves, and calls out to those needing help. That is a beautiful thing.

So in that I say piss off douche nozzles. I am happy. I am healthy. I am going to improve my life and give you so many more reasons to hate me. I am going to be the best I can, and I am going to help those I can in my community. I know you are going to hate me more because I am not giving you a hand out or offering you that support. I know you are going to hate me because me and mine are better off then you, so much better then you, and so much happier then you. You can't tear this down.

This is how we win the war on stupid. We live better. We discount them. We call them out. We improve ourselves. We improve our community. We love ourselves. We validate ourselves. We do not seek something becasue someone else has it, we seek what improves our lives. We do this by not tolerating that type of childish and selfish behavior. We do this by improving ourselves. Man I am excited to go to school and wash some more stupid off me.


  1. This post came from Cam Critter, but my fat fingers deleted when I tried to approve it on my damn phone;
    Interesting point. I always think of community as extended family. The family you choose, I suppose. You could break that down further, but it seems silly to me to do so. My chosen community, not counting those groups I am classified in by location, and occupation, is a group of fairly self-supporting, self-aware, intelligent individuals who do what they can to pick you up when you can't do it on your own. They do all that without asking you to do anything in return. It's kinda awesome like that.

    Also, having gone back to school, started on a path I *never* thought I'd be on, and soldiered on when all I really wanted to do was curl up and die, I groove on the going back to college. Which school?

  2. Hell, yeah! Another future recovering grammar nazi! You'll learn such wonderful things, such as the difference between than and then! And, if you thought that it was fun being annoyed with the world for being a bunch of parasitic, false faced, selfish posers, just wait! Your nerves will soon be set on fire by people who think that the contraction, "would've", is somehow short for "would OF", rather than "would HAVE". Are you thinking that your ire couldn't be raised more than by some backstabbing, smarmy, sanctimonious douchenozzle badmouthing your friends? You haven't felt the venomous, burning hatred of those who spell definItely, definAtely! Oh, the wonderful world of perfect spelling and proper grammar which awaits you... Come to our side, brother... Mwahahahahahaaaaaaa