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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I declare war on stupid!

I am going to start this out by saying I am no saint. I am by no means the most moral man I know. Nor am I pure as the driven snow. I have my faults, I know them. I measure them. I do the best I can to be the best person I can be with every breath I can. I do this because my family and ancestors would expect nothing less of me. I have seen death. I have seen life. I have loved. I have hated. I have lived a pretty damn good life, and in doing so I can safely say I am no saint.

I can be very black and white in a very gray world at times. I have been accused of being crude. I love fast women, hot drinks, and red meat. I work hard when I need to, but if given the choice I would rather go camping. I doubt myself at times, and some times I let those doubts carry over to other people. I know my faults but there are some things that I can not abide in people. This is your chance to stop reading, move the hell on and walk away from this unscathed.

After this I am going to pour out some angry shit. Yep this is about to be a rant. Names have been changed because I will deal with these people face to face. I warn you though at the end of this, there will be something that will give you thought. At least it better give you thought. If not then this battle front is probably coming for you.

Not to long ago a self serving lady kicked a hornets nest into the middle of some people I call friends. Some of these people I even call family. In the process her little group poked and pried and tried to get my friends a riled up. Another member of her tribe took something I said out of context, and stated that she felt I threatened her and her unborn child. Now many people state clearly that knwo this bitch is crazy, and that her words are unfounded. Those that know me know that I could not care enough about this psycho princess to even want to go out of my way to kill her, or her child.

I will say that both the people on the other side of this apparently are attention starved and love to receive as much attention as they can. They slander, plot and crawl when ever they can so people will pay attention to them. Yet people still call them friends. They tolerate them though when they are around me they tell me they agree that the bitch is crazy, and that they did bad things. Yet they still find themselves over at their houses for dinner. Makes me wonder if they talk out of both sides of their mouths and if so, to what means?

Another man, if you can call him that, continues to plague on my community. Many in the community brush it off as unwarranted accusations. Yet many of them witness his lecherous behavior, have fallen victim to his cons, and even agreed with me in totality after I wrote a blog about him. What shocked me the most most that so many knew exactly who he was by name, without me naming him once. Yet they tolerate him, invite him out to community activities and offer visible support to him. Makes me wonder if they are yet again talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Now another event rears its head. A member of the previous tribe, one that stated I was a baby killer and needed some anger management, did something so despicable that I am shocked. I was almost, notice I said almost, speechless. This little soul whore, wormed her way into a group that was run by a real good friend of mine. I am not sure what her motivation was, and I really do not care. All I know is that she clawed and pried and got close to a good friend of mine. Then in dramatic fashion like a slut bitch cheer leader from every movie in the 80's, betrayed her. She made her so upset that she left a group that she ran for several years, that helped the community that I love so much.

Yet people rally around hands in the air in mock shock. Oh my that was a horrible thing to do they cry. They go on about how this was a cry for attention. They go on how horrible the act was. However I am waiting for the dust to settle. When the dust settles we will see the true character of those in my community. We will see how strong my tribe is. We will see what they are made of by what they do with this, and how they deal with the actions of this Prima Donna drama whore.

You see these people still seethe through our homes because we turn a blind eye to their behavior, because it is easy. We tolerate their outburst because it is so much easier to sit and watch then to stand up and do something. So they continue to do what they want, and get what they want out of life because we as a people do not hold them accountable for what they do. I will not any longer though. I can't.

I can not let these people go on hurting those around me. I can not let them continue to spread their poison in heart of the groups that I love so much. I have declared war on stupid. I will shine the light on them and force people to choose. They can let the cancer continue, if they wish, that is their right. However they will not do so with me or mine around. I will exile them, and all that choose to stand with them from my life. I will not tolerate this behavior any longer. I am not taking the moral high ground, but I will protect my family, my friends, and those I hold dear.

I have no right to claim righteousness, because I am not righteous myself. I am however going to say I am going to do all I can to protect my family from stupid. So if you are selfish conniving predator that was attention starved as a kid, you will not use mine as tools for you to get that. You will not use my family in ways that cause them hurt. I will shut you out so hard and so fast.

So this is part I give you something to chew on. How many times have you tolerated someone because you thought it wasn't your business? How often have you let stupid selfish people do mean things to people and did nothing to them for it? Apathy is their greatest protection, and how much have you let weave into your heart? Now are you willing to do something about it and start calling these people out on their bullshit? Or are you going to join the masses and bow your head in shame. Are you going to keep letting them run like a wild child through your home, or are you willing to put them in the corner? So where do you stand on the war on stupid?


  1. I applaud you Jesse, You are absolutely correct, to many times (myself included) we stand back and let "stupid,selfish" people do mean things to others and we do nothing to stop it. Your post this evening has given me something to think about. I consider myself a warrior woman and yet I have been guilty of apathy because it's easier than confrontation. Well no more, it is time to start doing something to put an end to this can of mean spirited stupidity.

  2. Very well said. I am fortunate to not know the tribe that you speak of and I plan to keep it that way. I will demand to the universe that this tribe's karma be accelerated and returned to them in this life. I will not participate in any event that they are invited to. If at any point am introduced the them, I will not shake their hands, but I will say my peace, turn my back and walk away.