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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To make a bad day worse, spend it wishing for the impossible.

I am going to start this blog with a disclaimer similar to one I put on my face book page. I will open up with saying I am not angry. This is not me yelling. I am not having a PTSD moment. I use harsh language becasue it gets to the point faster. I will belittle stupid people, not because it feeds my ego, but because they need it. These statements however are mostly observational. I am not against judgment, I am against being judgmental. There is a difference.

Now with that out of the way I am going to go onto the subject of today's blog. A good friend of mine, Jodi, inspired this train of thought. I will say that this is not about her though, but it was fueled by lazy moronic ass wipes out there. I have been exposed lately and thankfully I have had my vaccinations. Good thing too because this type of stupid spreads like herpes in a frat house.

Why is it that people are so happy to share their dreams and aspirations with you when ever you accomplish anything. I am not just talking about the one up game. I deal with that kind of moron with life experience. I have lived a full enough life that I call all of those jack offs out, and use the flashlight of truth on them. For example I knew a guy once that claimed to be retired from the military, claimed to have done some incredible things. Some of those claims where being a part of a special operations team, and isolation that lead to cannibalism. Yeah to easy to wave the bullshit flag there, but everyone else ate it up. (Pun intended) Needless to say after I started a query with him and probed, the veil of crap was thin, and he was exposed and does not bother me with those stories anymore.

No today we are going to talk about a different kind of laziness. We are going to talk about another brand of stupid. We are going to talk about a person that lies to themselves just to make you look less then you are. They not only like to tear people down, but they raise themselves on lies. Then if the planets align and they get what they claim to desire they destroy it so others can't have it, and they can go back to bitching about what they don't have because that is what makes them happy.

You see these people have a whole layer of hell that should and could be dedicated to them. These are those people that when you sit down saying this is what I accomplished today, and they start immediately tearing it down. They take your goals and make them seem small, and claim to be working towards a much more lofty goal. They talk you down and take away your pride. They do not really do anything though.

They are typically fat, bottom feeders, bitter, and chatty. They have actually done very little with their life, but they will always tell you what greatness they are on the verge of. This is a different kind of one upper because it is really hard to call them out on bullshit without the use of a time machine. They will tear you down, steal your spotlight with things they see for themselves in the future.

You tell them you got an A on a paper, they tell you they have nine job offers from fortune five hundred companies, waiting for them to graduate. You tell them you are going to have a baby, they tell everyone how twins run in their family. They have the best goals and aspirations, but you know damn well that this lazy asshole is not going to do a damn thing to work towards their dreams. They only share them with you, because they want to tear you down and take center stage from you. Their ego is directly linked to how much of your pride they can steal.

You can deal with them. The only way to effectively remove them though is to attack them directly and risk losing groups of friends. The most effective tool when dealing with this creature is to take the path of least resistance. Ignore the stupid a holes. Do not let them steal your thunder by ignoring their existence. The best revenge is living well, and eventually others will see them for who they are.

One can only hope that their dreams will indeed come true one day, and they move away. I like seeing people I do not value become victims of their own success. I get a simple joy from watching them choke on their own bullshit. I also like when the light bulb goes off over their head and they see just how much work is required to do something and they slide back into the deep dark hole from which they crawled from.

So with that being said if I share my dreams with you understand I have used my judgment and figure you are not a pride feeder. Do not be surprised though when somebody who is not a part of the conversation tries to chime in. Do not further your surprise when I attack them, rip put their throat and dance on the burning remnants of their soul. I have a low tolerance for bullshit. I am a soldier in the war on stupid.

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  1. That is one major thing people do that I don't get. I blame this strictly on Spider Robinson to be completely honest. Callahan's had this whole thing that breaks several books down into one phrase: Shared pain is halved, shared joy is doubled. It's a Universal law and one that I've seen work. So, why wouldn't you want to double your own good when someone is bubbling at you? Why break it down to make your good look... Gooder?