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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salvo of stupidity.

Wow, I love the divisions that developed after my blog yesterday. You can see a persons true colors. I am also seeing what is important to people. I heard she has done nothing to me. Oh sure I have seen what so and so has done to somebody else, but they brought me cookies. It was all about self. They did not do something to them directly, or they did something for them so it outweighs what they did to other people.

What disturbs me in this whole issue is the unique versions and softer approaches to the facts. I am going to say that the results should be the focus if you want to find the truth. A lady who dedicated several years of her life to a group that has done good things for good people in the community stepped down. I know personally so many family's that hit hard times that she helped out. I have seen the record. The fact is she walked away from it, and she walked away hurt.

Now lets break down why people have to be so mean to other people. Lets see if anybody repost this blog? This lady helped a lot of people, but could not help all the people. So she did what those of us in medicine call triage. She helped those she could and needed it most. She helped kids over adults, and she made calls as to who got the help and who put themselves firmly where they are. So naturally if you needed money, but had no kids and a full liquor cabinet she must be embezzling because you didn't get the help you wanted.

You see we are slowly developing into a culture of whiny selfish kids. We are so into me that we are willing to sacrifice others to make our lifes better. We try to do creative things for ourselves and promote them. For example we hold bake sales to pay our rent because we lack the responsibility to manage our money. We blame everyone but ourselves for it. We see what others have and rather then get off our fat asses and work for it ourselves, we put great effort into tearing others down.

We tolerate this behavior in others even if we do not exhibit it ourselves. We learn that people whisper sweet words in our ears and we accept that what they did was not so bad. People lets look at something here. You see those people that are sweet talkers and make friends quickly? You ever notice that they go through those friends just as fast? They do damage control so well and put a spin on everything they do? Do you not see anything wrong with that?

Personally I feel better being justified and doing what is in my heart, then having to justify what I did afterward. I know I have lost some contacts with all this, and I am okay with that. You see I look at friendship like I look at love, because that is what friendship is. Friendship is a degree or flavor or love. I love my wife. I do not need my wife though. She is the same way. We do not need each other, but it feels so good to share our lives with each other.

So in that I choose to share my life with my friends. I do not need them. I do not need there approval. I do not need their praise. This makes it feel so much better when I get them. So I do what I feel is right regardless of how people think of it. I do not need to put a spin on it, because my actions are exposed and raw. People talk about my harsh language and it gets the point across doesn't it? It is direct, its hard to twist, the meaning is clear. I do this because I have no reason to back pedal.

Now look at the other side of this argument. Stories change, people back pedal. They claim that I am over reacting. They try to say I am starting drama, and do their best to mask their efforts. End result she quit doing something that she has done for years because of you. You tell me what kind of person believes what ever spin you put on this? So stick your head in the sand and put up with that behavior, or stand up and feel how nice the sun is.

Just because I haven't in this one, its time for so harsh language. I say fuck your soft words. I say fuck your two faced nature. I say fuck your selfish motivation in all your deeds. I say fuck those false friends you make because you hide your true face. I say fuck your snide childish fat ass. I say fuck the lies. I say fuck the spin doctors. I say fuck all that is wrong with the world.

I am serious people. My tolerance for bullshit is low. So those of you that wish to continue to shovel it are going to get called out. If you can't say something about someone in the light and in a public forum then don't say it. I will continue to call you out. Those of you that use apathy and tolerate their behavior will also be called out. I am not putting up with any of the crap. Why should I settle for anything less in deciding on who I love. Somethings deserve compromise but this is not a part of your life that does.

Yes you can work for it, and make some hard choices. Yes you can get a group of real friends. These are the people that will drop what they are doing to help you when you need it, but also willing to tell you the things you need to hear. Yes men are not your friends, and sweet words are usually used to cover the smell of something foul. This is how you fight the stupid.


  1. It's Kristen...sorry I didn't put that on yesterday's post. Anyhoo, you did not start drama, SHE did with unfounded accusations and rumormongering. We may have different approaches to the situation, but my respect for how you handle things is high as you are being authentically you. I too will not tolerate this person and if I ever meet her, I will not shake her hand, but I will tell her what she has done and the damage it has caused and walk away from her. I will do my best to make sure her karma is accelerated and will be felt in this life. Some say because I have said that, that I am threatening her. I don't threaten, I do. So, I will say again, may those at the root cause of this situation reap what they have sewn and may it happen in this life. SMIB

  2. I always try to do my best to avoid any kind of drama and keep away from those that have a tendency to create or draw it to them. This is the reason that I have pared down my friends a few times. Too much negativity breeds. I applaud your willing to take a public stance on how you feel. Balls 'O steel, babe.