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Friday, July 15, 2011

Why did you do this to me?

Alright the last few days I have had record hits on my blog. It seems that people really like to know what juicy tid bits are going on in other peoples lives. I also want to point out that those hits I got were probably those morons that totally miss the point and try ever so hard to rally behind someone that they think is their friend. First I want to point out that the young lady that had me so pissed off referred to her friendships as alliances. Who the fuck does that. This is life not Survivor or some other reality show.

So this got my gears turning and made me think some thoughts I would share with you. Maybe just maybe people are getting trained to think that life is like those reality shows? I mean reality is in their name right, so they have to be real? Life is all about getting ratings right? So you can sell primo space to advertising right? You have to build alliances because you only have to deal with people during commercial breaks.

Seriously people, we are so wrapped up in this false reality that we are letting it dictate our real life. The balloon boy ass hat is back in the news again. We buy the papers with the latest word on Octomom. We wonder who is now giving Brittany the spear. (hmm think drama might be linked to that name?) They are rewarded just like the other people in my previous blogs because we give them the attention they crave.

Those of us that get sick of hearing what starlet is flashing her shaved sausage wallet to paparazzi, who knocked up who and then adopted nineteen children for their sweat shop, or who got a hole in one then had a great golf game the next day, what do we do? We change the channel. We do not state to people we are fucking tired of gossip being news. How about the news reports the fucking news? Hows that for a concept.

If they do that then these no talent ass clowns that strive for attention will hopefully starve or maybe just maybe do something that might actually be news worthy. Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't it also be great if we actually found decent human behavior entertaining? No we celebrate deceit with all the cut throat reality shows, desperate housewives, and the like. You know its because of one show I hate New Jersey. Well that show helped at least, if you have ever been to Jersey you might understand that it didn't need a lot of help.

So what do we do to make this world a better place? How about we mind our business. We hold ourselves accountable. We stop blaming the world for all our woes and we own them ourselves. We stop conniving against people. We call people out when they are being retarded or not willing to hold themselves accountable. We actually grow the fuck up. We become parent to those that won't and we take a page from the reality shows. We teach people by example and repetition. Its about time people are help accountable for the choices they make. Maybe they might start thinking about it, and that is the biggest step away from stupid.

So stop blaming others for what you have done. If you did something, lets say like holding funds because someone told you too, then its your choice to do so. If it smells like drama notice the scent, social drama and bullshit smell pretty similar. So own your own shit people and stop being stupid, and grow the fuck up.