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Thursday, July 28, 2011

San Dimas High School Football Rules!!

It looks like we will not be hearing this outside of San Dimas, or on the silver screen. Scientist at Honk Kong university stated clearly that time travel is not improbable, but flat out impossible. Yeah scientist really did something to help their image of being party poopers. Why do they feel the need to crush my fantasy with reality? What next? Do they debunk the theory of space fold, kill Torchwood, or tell me there are not little tiny copies of people hiding in my cell phone talking in my head? Worse yet, will they tell me that women will never be figured out?

I understand the need to get it out to the world so you get credit, like Watson and Crick and that whole double helix ladder of life shit. You discover something you have to share it with the world, but in the process these guys also crushed an entire section of science fiction. That makes me sad. I have never really thought about writing a time travel novel, but I loved Quantum Leap. I also really wanted to make like a tree and split.

I guess what really bothers me is that our standard pursuit of knowledge kills our imagination bit by bit. Imagination is needed even in the pursuit of knowledge. Our ancient ancestors used imagination to describe the things they did not know, like Apollo's chariot got to close to the earth and poof deserts. Or we need a way to rebuild an empire and keep the poor people inline with a terror only they can create so we can sexually assault their children, and poof the Vatican.

I remember when I was a child my mother told me that the sunsets and sunrise was the only time it was safe for the Dragons to take flight. The sky would light up with their play. As they belched their fire and lighting the sky would take on the colors of the old Denver Bronco uniforms. Having read some even as a kid I was terrified of this. Hydrogen is flammable. The also had to breath other flammable gases there by being the true source of the green house effect. Fucking Dragons, no wonder they always die in the stories. Industrial age my ass.

Now my thoughts of traveling back in time to vacation in places and enjoying unbridled civilization are dashed. I will never legally go on a viking raid, spread the plague to the crappy places in Europe, or eliminate the genetic material that would later become the myriad amount of douche nozzles that annoy me. I guess I shall after conquer the planet to make sure I can do those things and take them off my bucket list.

To make matters even worse this information came from China. I am not a huge fan of China already. I mean they corrupted Walmart, and made it a red neck breading ground as part of their plot at global domination. Quite frankly that is what really peeves me about them, is the competition on the global conquest thing. I also think they are doing it for the wrong reasons. They are doing it for ego, while I am doing it for purely selfish entertainment reasons.

So I am going to ignore the speed of the photon, Pluto is still a planet to me, and the scientist can take intelligent design concepts to make better toilet paper. I am not a scientist so I will take a page from the extremist on the left and right and just ignore things that infringe on my limited sensibilities. Yeah that's right damn you, I am going to get in my phone booth in front of the circle K and wait for Neo.

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