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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Call me daddy...

There is a reason that we share so many traits in common. Lets look this over and think about it for a minute. For a large portion of time the Romans controlled Europe. They did this under the guidance of emperors or under the guise of a Pope. Yet the carved noses of the Roman is not the dominate trait in Europe. The Mongols gave a run through and tried to conquer and hold portions as well, yet not to many of their genes where left behind. It was not their physique that was admired in sculpture. The dominant traits sure as hell did not come from the Francs. Their decedents can not seem to win a war when any of them are in charge, and the national salute is both hands in the air devoid of arms.

So lets look at what is considered the attractive traits in men. What makes a man handsome. Ladies help me out here. Do you want some skinny squib that can crawl through a gutter, or do you want a man that can pick you up with ease? Do his shoulders set closer together then his hips making him look like a stick? Or does his torso look like and arrow pointing to his manhood? Is he a short man that can't order his own beer with out a step up, or is he the one that reaches over you to get the tankard off the top shelf?

The reason for this is that my ancestors were men. They where not curtailed into being submissive cogs in the machinery. They did not take a knee to anyone who felt the need to say that being in charge was their birth right. My people were feared by the Romans and the Moguls alike. Their leaders commanded respect or they did not command at all. My ancestors fought each day, not just because the land was a harsh mistress, but because it was what the fire inside them said to do. They grew strong because the worked for what they had, and fought to keep it. They had a need to adventure and see the world, though they did not see sense in claiming land that was not their own. They were not conquerors, but they had no objections to taking what they liked. This really applied if the person who possessed it before was to weak to hold it.

This also came to the woman of the world. Yes my ancestors where full of life and liked to party. They where the first stories of sailors going from port to port and giving what for. Not only did they raid the land and steal the cattle, they had their way with women. In doing so they left behind a lot of kids. Kids with theirs genes. Light hair, light skin, aggressive, and large enough to back that up. Rome built roads, but the people of the north built men. Celtic and Germanic tribes left a lasting impression on Europe, you can see it in the mirror.

I come from two genetic pools, neither of them pussies. So don't try to tell me what it means to be a man. Don't tell me to hide who I am because it hurts your sensibilities. Its not disdain you hold but a genetic memory of fear. Fear for your livestock, fear for your women, fear for your home. When you walk the beach do you feel that fear when you look out and see a mast on the horizon? Do you still freak out when you see a man or woman painted blue? If not then those genes are probably in you too. So stop being a pansy, embrace your birthright and man the fuck up. Own up to your mistakes, and except the praise of your success.

So many men now a days like to get in touch with their feelings, that's awesome as long as you are really getting in touch with your feelings, and not just using it as an excuse to puss out and cry because you didn't get your way. Aggression is a feeling, so is anger, desire, curiosity, pride, vengeance, conviction, and so many others. Do not be ashamed to feel them. They are not negative, you are just told that they are because some weak beaten hold over from some unconquered village tells you so. Being soft and cuddly is the job of a child's toy, and the is not my gig. Hell my wife is tougher then that. Those so called negative emotions are just that, emotions. They are tools, they are not the reason things are done, but they are how you get things done. Own them, do not let them own you.

So embrace those feelings, pay homage to your heritage and sack the fuck up. Think for yourself. Give your word when you mean it. Follow those that deserve it, and if no one deserves it, have the strength to stand on your own. Most of all stop sniveling. The world doesn't owe you shit. You can get what you want out of life though if you are willing to go get it. Scrape a knee, or worse get stabbed so far from home and who gives a shit, you at least tried. You lived life and stopped being a human being and remembered what it was like to be a human doing.

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