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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peaches and cream?

Damn the man, really. They tell you they want experience, when you have a degree. The say they want a degree when you have experience. Why don't they say what they really mean, they want the cheapest person they can get. That would save the trouble and a desperate person can low ball the salary and everyone else can go home. Its the fixation of commercialism. At least this is the negative side of it, and people are to lazy to work for the good side of it.

The negative traits are unrestrained greed. Make a buck no matter what the cost. Profit margin is the only thing that matters. Drive down cost, and stand on the backs of those that can lift you up. If you can do it with two instead of ten then do so. Quantity overrides quality. Make something that does the job, then breaks so they have to get another one. Manufacture where ever its cheaper. Swindle swoop cajole, what ever you can to make more.

The good qualities that people ignore are those of industrialism. The need to not only create something, but to create something better then its predecessor. The need to create something of substance that not only meets the standard but exceeds it and establishes a new standard. This is done in a place where people lift you on their shoulders not their backs, and they are ready to catch you when you fall. You take care of them, and they take care of you, because your success is tied together. You make things the best you can because you want your customers to come back to you. That is the good side.

We come to trouble times and we immediately look to the bad side, because its easy. When we get kicked with wanna strike back and lash out. We become emotional creatures and revert to animal inside us. We tear at ourselves. We pull our hair and we forgo pride. We want nothing but to share our hurt with others like a small child. So we push to make more money and ship our jobs off to make things cheaper. We push the market and try to make more then others. We stop making things better and we start pushing to make more. We get our materials at the cheapest places and drive down cost, yet its still not enough.

I am pissed because people do not see how retarded that is. We can not compete with slave wages. We can not compete with people that are able to sacrifice quality at a much greater rate then us. We can point fingers all day or we can move the fuck on and be better. We can use that industrial behavior to attack our enemies but not on their terms. That is just bad tactics. If a guy is better then you with a knife, you bring a fucking gun. If a guy is better with a gun then you, you bomb his house. That's how you win a fight and that is what we are in, a fight. This fight is for our life.

We can not compete with China, they will make dollar store trinkets faster then us. They will make them cheaper then us. So why do we try to compete with that. Let them have those. That is their knife. They keep cutting at us and cutting at us. We buy up their garbage and try to make our own. Our garbage is not as effective as their garbage. So we stop making garbage. We do what we do best and make things better. We design, we work with each other and we recapture the American dream. We find that reason to be arrogant again.

We don't make disposable cars. We make more fuel efficient cars, or cars that can work on renewable energy. We do what everybody else is trying. Not only that we do it better. We bring a fucking bomb to the knife fight. We employ skilled Americans and use those skills. We let the third world nations stamp bumpers, we design stuff that makes those bumpers better, or unneeded. We unite and live that American dream. We stop looking for hand outs. We take what is ours.

We stop settling for the cheap disposable crap that we are mass marketed. We make the things we need and make them better. We make them last. We make things that do things better then what does it already. We strive to make things that are better. We stop sniveling in the corner and we show the world what makes America great. We put our money where it matters, and we stop giving into the easy path. The road to prosperity has no easy choices, it is moist with sweat. It is not taking the mass produced multi family packs that whittle at our pocket book.

There is some much more to go on here, there are so many things that need to be addressed, but are we as a people willing to do what we need to do. How many people are actually willing to breath life back into our great nation? How many people are actually willing do what it takes? How many people actually know what I am talking about?

Where do we start? What can we do? Well there are a lot of things we can do, but first we have to be willing to do them. We have to be willing to take the hard path. Trouble is most people are happy being spoon fed and having their hand held.

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