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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am not sure what to call it, but economic recovery is not it. Housing market is still pretty shitty. Consumer sales are s down more then they where four years ago. For the first time in my life I am actually hunting for a job and not rolling into one after a week of just letting people know I was was out hunting. Even the state is struggling so not hiring full timers on the Guard side, and most state services are laying off instead of hiring.

So I am gonna call this reupholstered. We do not have a new couch to sit on, but it has a new pretty cover and everybody thinks we have a new couch. The cushions are the same ass stained, food jammed, soda saturated ones they have always been they just have better wrapping paper. I like the comfy couch, well I did, but now I know what bed bugs are, and I am ready to get rid of it.

You know we generate an average of 21 billion dollars of debt with China alone each quarter. Yet for some reason our leaders regardless of party lines want to kiss the ass of who ever they can over there. Most favored nation trading status so we lessen taxes and tariffs on their products coming in, but the tax the living hell out of any US stuff going into China. They make it almost unattainable by their near slave wage people.

Here I am looking for a job. I have an interview today. If that does not work out I will use my GI Bill and state tuition assistance to go back to school. I do not doubt that I will find a way to bring money into the house so my wife stops stressing, but it should not take this long and school should not be an option. I mean you should want to go back to school to go to school, not just as a way to make money.

So what is a brother to do, politicians blame the other guys, the other guys blamed the other guys. How about a guy that runs for office that does not blame anyone. He or she just offers solution. Fuck party lines, they are nothing but pick up lines anyway. Screw the left, fuck the right, lets meet in the middle and make shit work here again. Lets see who is willing to take our nation to the methadone clinic and break this China habit.

I am actually tired of the party lines. I do not care. Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats. They do not vote for anything to help the country on merit alone, they just vote against what ever the other proposed. The drum up bullshit on both sides and put out what ever numbers they can to support what they are doing or tear down the other and neglect to share the truth. Just fix this shit or go find another job. If you where my kid your ass would be soar and you nose would be worn from the corner.

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