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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simply complicated.

It is human nature to complicate things. Nothing can be simple. Simple is easy. Simple does not offer us the chance to glean more from our actions. Simple is boring. We love to complicate things to the point of inaction though. We have the habit of telling people we would do something if a set of impossible circumstances align. We like even the most mundane actions to be more complicated so we can generate drama around them to make ourselves feel more important. We complicate every fucking thing we touch.

You know that person that makes everything seem like a production? The person that demands center stage? Everything is a big deal for them. These are your pretentious assholes that order a double half calf pseudo soy mocha java latte with no more then two half shakes of cinnamon. These are the people that cry for the truth and then bitch when they get it. This evil habit though resides in all of us.

Why is that? What drives us to embrace that inner bullshit drama queen? Why do we need to complicate things? Well that is a simple thing. We like to feel more important then we are. I like to feel important, that is why I even bother to write this crap. Really what other purpose would it serve for me to share my thoughts with you people right, unless I want to the attention? I want people to notice me, so that when I die, I enjoy a small bit of immortality in the stories of others. Different stories, different people, either way I live on.

We as people feel we have to matter. I am here to tell you that you don't have to matter though. You want to be happy, stop doing crap for other people. Do it for yourself. Enjoy the simplicity of selfishness. Do what you want to do and do it with out fanfare. Who cares if some one sees you bungee jump, you enjoyed it right? Who fucking cares if you ran two miles or lost over eighty pounds. Why do you have to tell people? Why can't we just enjoy these actions on our own?

Once again we are simple creatures that like to complicate shit. We do this because we are human. We do this because humans are social creatures. We do this because as social creatures we adjust our happiness based on our own reflections of our social standing. We seek validation like a cheap guy at the mall with a parking stub.

So what I am saying is, it is okay to get attention, but it is not okay to live for it. Don't do things for the attention unless you are some weak will pussy that was was told by your Uncle Winky that you will not amount to shit. Do things because you want to, and accept the praise/attention that comes with those actions. You can keep things simple and live for yourself and still receive praise.

You do not need to take a shit and then fan the door warning the world not to go in there, but you can smile when someone goes in the john after you and almost vomits. We all shit, you don't need to tell everybody you did it like yours is special. Let them go in the proverbial toilet of life and tell you how special your shit is.

Live a simple life, in a over complicated world. Stop limiting your access to life with clauses and stipulations. If you don't want to do something, don't fucking do it. Telling your friends that you will eat asparagus if it is served on a blue plate that is warm, with a frosted gold plated fork, a side of baby seal kidney roasted with shaved onions from the amazon on a Wednesday at precisely at 3:43pm. How about say something like I don't care for asparagus and would rather not eat that pee tainting phallic shaped mockery of a vegetable?

Seriously people get the fuck over yourself and stop making shit harder then it needs to be. Stop trying to make yourself seem better based on the shit that happens to you, or the normal mundane crap that goes on in your life. Stop seeking praise for shit that really had nothing to do with you, other then you where there taking up space. Stop seeking praise. Its that fucking simple, stop seeking praise. Its almost like love in that regard. When you look for love you might get it, but its not the good kind. Its the kind you have to use a credit card for and typically have to go to the doctor afterward for a heavy dose of penicillin. When you stop looking for it, that is when it shows up. That is because praise is an attention grubbing whore like you, and when you stop paying attention to it, it has to do the silly dance all over your life so you will notice it.

This is just an observation. Something I have worked hard to bring into my life over the last few years and it has worked out for me so far. Humility is its own reward. Not needing others to have fun is like social masturbation, and you can do it in public without getting arrested.


  1. I found the post evocative and also that I was grinning at the end of it because it's all basically true what you just put out there into the universe. Yep.

    My other question is though, what happens when you're so busy living for yourself -- that everyone else around you has to bend over backwards so that you can? When said person bitches and moans how they can't do anything in their life because they have kids, blah, blah wife, blah blah ...? Then what? Is that still attention getting? Or being given way to much fucking attention?

    If the latter, how do we go about breaking from the cycle of shitty-ness?

  2. Moue, all I can say on that is a Buddhist saying about worry. If you worry about something that you can't do anything about what does it change? If you worry about things you can change what does it do? The same goes for bitching. You do something about it, or you don't, but all bitching does is create things you don't need that makes it more complicated. It creates drama, and drama off the stage is rarely ever good.

    On the terms of selfish behavior, I am saying simply I am the center of my universe. You are the center of yours. If I take care of myself, I am in a better place to take care of those I love. I am not a burden on my wife because I own my own issues.

    Basically my whole message in life is simple. Get the fuck over yourself. In doing that you stop looking for attention. You stop needing people to make you feel better about yourself, and you can feel better about yourself because YOU feel better about yourself.

    People that say that can't do anything in life because they have kids are just bitching. They just can't do the irresponsible bullshit you did before kids, and whoa holy shit you have to stop being kid so you can raise yours? How about do something with your kids and raise them with a positive attitude. Do things with them that are different then you did before kids, that means you can still do shit, so no reason to bitch.