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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lets make a deal,..

What is my deal? Good question, what is my deal. Hell if I figure that out I am pretty sure I solved one of life's great mysteries. I mean I can break down a few things, and I can place myself firmly in the world with an opinion. However I do not think it is possible to nail down a person based on their “deal”. It is not one thing that makes a person tick. It is not one view point that makes them a person. It is a multitude of actions, ideals and principles that make them who they are. It is a myriad amount of memories and potential that really are the sum of the parts. So to narrow it down to one thing and claim that anybody is so simple they can be summed up by one deal is absurd.

Here I am a veteran. I have severed my country. I will continue to serve my country. However I abhor war. I think war is the ultimate failure of communication. I think it is the failure of compromise. I think it is the least civil thing we do in the name of civilization. On that same coin though, but the other side, the tails side if you will, I think it is a necessary evil. I think with out the threat of war bad men would do worse things, and no matter how hard we try there will always be someone that can be defined as a bad man. It is the ability to be good that makes it possible for evil, and the reversal.

Now lets complicate things further on discovering my deal. I would rather be at war then home though. War is simple. My basic needs are met. I am warm, dry, full, for the most part. The government sending me off to fight ensures that I have clothing. They make sure I am fed. The put a roof over my head. They remove as much of the worry that they can from my life to allow me greater focus on the mission they have given me. In order to help me keep a perspective they do offer distraction though so my focus is not on the willful destruction of the enemies property and their eventual termination. The give me leaders and policies designed specifically fracture my focus, and allow my body to preform the training they provided me. It is a simple life, and a simple life with few questions. To make it even better those questions when asked are typically meaningful and important, or at the least humorous.

So now lets look at the way of life that those wars provide for. Lets look at all the choice that we are given back home, and the worry we are allowed to have to enjoy those freedoms provided by a few sacred documents. Lets see if maybe we can find my “deal” there. We have the choice to live where ever we can afford. We can be full in many ways, and at what ever way we see fit. We have the choice to be dry, and in the manner of which we find the greatest comfort in. We can even go further and enjoy other luxuries that are beyond mere survival. We can pursue education. We can work harder to get better at all three. We can become more fiscally sound so that those basic needs are not even thought of as a concern, and we can abuse all of these luxuries to a point of redundancy.

We look at some of what makes America great in the quest for the “deal” and really see if there is anything in there. We have a great public education system that we abuse and ignore. Teachers are paid less then the vast majority of other college graduates. The salary of one NBA player could cover the salaries of a decent sized middle school. Hows that for investing in our future? We are trying so hard to find a way to get rich with out real effort that we neglect the people willing to help us in that effort and deify those that find ways around the system. I am not saying it is not hard to be a professional athlete, but I am saying it is much harder to be a teacher, and much harder to strive to be more then what you are.

So there is lies my anger, and that may be part of my deal. I see something worth fighting for, and maybe even dying for. I see a wondrous pool of potential in this country of ours. I see so many great possibilities. I also see that not many people are willing to step up to the plate and try for those possibilities. I see so many people willing to walk along eyes to the ground and take the easiest path through life. They want things handed to them, and they do not want to think, or be responsible for anything. Yet I am still willing to fight for that.
I mean it. People suck. They are throwing away a great thing and not even aware of it. Those that are aware of it seem to care less then those that are not aware. So we shovel down out super sized drive through meals, and go up a few pant sizes each year. We throw down the books and turn on the main stream media letting our IQ drop a few sizes each year. We accept deals like cash for clunkers as solutions to our dependency on a foreign government, much greater then our dependency on foreign oil. We turn a blind eye to groups like the WTO because its not our fight, or so we believe. We tolerate lies in government, and we praise the self serving. We are more worried about a Wiener showing his wiener, then we are about fixing our national debt and ending fiscal woe.

So in that we can play a game, and you can help me make a deal. I will stop being the stereotype of the whack job veteran saying doom, if you fat lazy fucks start using all those great things that my brothers and sisters died for you to use. How about you get an education, or at least take the one you where offered seriously. Stop bitching about the illegal immigrant mowing your lawn and get a real job worthy of that higher education. You want health care reform, don't have somebody pay for your admission into a broken system, find a way to fix the fucking system. Yo don't like the way something is, exercise your heritage as an American and find a way to make it better. Bitching about it until you get a hand out is useless.

Don't like politics as usual, then don't play politics as usual. If a candidate does not do what you like in office vote for one that say they will try to do that. If they are in office and drawing press for showing of their junk then get rid of them, unless someone else you like is using them as a smoke screen to continue doing what they want to do with out regard. That is of course if you actually want to pay attention and actually care what your government is doing.

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