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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yes you honor,..

So after yesterdays blog I discovered a few things and had to confess to my own crimes if you would. First off it was nice to know that I was not alone in my feelings. A large percentage of people that actually read my little rag messaged me separately, and not only felt the same way, but also named the guy I was talking about. Now this boosted my own feelings on the situation, and encouraged me to talk to those that did not reply. So this got me thinking on another topic that I have been finding more and more useful as I have been getting older. Diplomacy.

Now I am not talking the back biting bullshit that goes on in Congress, but the act and art of using actual tact. Knowing the right time and place to say what needs to be said, and not just reacting on the emotion of a situation. I am typically level headed, which shocks people when they find out I am a different person at home with my wife, then I am in public. The reason for this is my absolute fear of crowds. Yeah no shit I am scared of crowds, sometimes terrified, depending on the amount of people I know in that said crowd.

My normal reaction in crowds is to get ramped up, be talkative and bouncy. I understand why I do this, and I do attempt to control it, but I understand why my subconscious takes the drivers seat. I talk to many people in the hopes to get to knwo them. The more people I know the easier it is for me to relax, though I don't think I can ever relax with more then ten people in close proximity. So I become a chatter box. I crack jokes. I try to get them to open up so I can judge their character and determine if they are a threat to me and mine, and if so how can I effectively deal with them if they become an active threat.

That being said, for me tact is a huge strain. Knowing what to say and when to say it is something I am normally very good at. When I am under fire from intense emotion though I do one of two things, I either ride the wave and let emotion dictate my actions, or in the worse case scenario I let go of any emotion. Then I act on a logic path that was established by emotion prior to me shutting it out. So I am either a bouncy obnoxious loud mouth that can not sit still, or I shut my mouth and figure out who needs to get hit first so I can get my "family" out safe.

Thankfully for the criminal record I rarely go into the latter state, but my wife typically has to make a lot of apologies for me in the most common state. So while I am disappointed that many others that agreed with me have not spoken out in regards to this individual prior to this event. I understand that not every one is a person of action, or have the experience to have been witness to the acts of this particular asshole. So they might be giving this guy the benefit of the doubt but watching him because of the creepy vibe he puts off. Others might be saying he has not made moves towards their own, so see no reason to jump on him yet. However I know how this cat works, and that being said I will have a talk in the right time and right place with the persons that need to hear it. I will do so when there is not a large crowd, and I can use my larger brain and not the irrational overly emotional brain stem telling me its fight or flight, and leaning heavy on the fight.

I do not know if people really understand how hard it was for me not to choke the fucker out every time I see him. Then to have him antagonize me in a public gathering made it even harder not to slip into the quiet me. It is respect for the home I was visiting, and those same people I will need to talk to, that prevented me from walking across the yard when he put down that subtle very directed comment. I know he was trying his damnedest to get a rise out of me. and he was very nearly successful. It would have most likely resulted in me not being welcome to that social group and more, and would have allowed him free reign to prey upon them. He will to, and I see the ground work already laid. So for those of you in the know, watch your daughters, and watch yourself for that matter. Watch you pocket book too, they guy is a total fucking mooch too. He can go beg elsewhere, and I will get him out of places that make it easy for him. Its a shame though that so many still attend his meet up and support his efforts to exploit the community that I have grown to love.

So rest assured I will do what I can and I will speak my piece. I have already addressed him directly and he is calling me a blow hard and a liar with anger management issues. Well he can think what he wants, however I manage my anger just fine, hence why is still breathing. I know that I have never broken my word and I have nothing to prove to him. I know this for myself and its a good thing I don't give a shit what anybody thinks about me, even less him. I would address my issues with the legal system, but it is not my place to put the young lady I know he was "working" on the spot, she is s a fine young lady, and of legal age now. She would need to do that on her own, or its just hearsay and will not hold up in court. Rational thought rules my day when I am not in crowds, and I am going to try to bring that into crowd life as well, so that I can catch this bastard and have them lock him up.

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