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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I got a lamp you can rub,..

People have trouble with people because they don't even know themselves. So many people are so eager to go for what they think they want and fight for it tooth and nail. When they get it they are shocked at how little it actually meets their needs. How many people out there reading have fallen into that. How many times have you thought that the grass was so much greener on the other side? Maybe you left a job to go work somewhere else to find out it was much more sucktacular.

You see other people doing their thing and you tell yourself they must be happier. You look at them smile. You watch them laugh at jokes that you can't hear. You let envy rule your train of thought and seeds of jealousy change your view. You think they got it so good, and plot to get it for yourself. Maybe you are petty minded and figure if you can't have it you will plot to take it away from them.

What people fail to see or do is look at what they have. They fail to see that they might actually have it good if they stopped bitching about it and really measured up what their life, job, family, and home have to offer. Does your life actually meet your needs? Could it make you happy if you where not so damn worried about what everybody else was up to?

Lets look at what you have going on. Look at all the good things you have in your life. Does at least one person love you? Do others consider you in their decisions? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have something soft to sleep on? Are you warm when you want to be and cool when you want to be? Really how fucking bad is your life?

Now lets looks at the bad stuff you use tear down your life and see how much is superficial and how much is self generated. You envy some dude for the money he makes, and you're right life is a shit sandwich. The more bread you have though, the less shit you taste. So is it that guys fault he makes more money then you? Damn straight it is, people rarely luck into a great job. They get education, they network, and they work to improve themselves to be enticing to an employer. How much of that did you do and how much as well?

"Oh but dude my health sucks." Really? Okay I am not even going to compare what the health level is now to those living in the 20's to what even our uninsured masses have now. You knees hurt? That's interesting, how much do you weigh? What kind of strain do you put on your joints and not work them to carry the load? You get education on diet, exercise, food groups, saturated fats, and you ignore it. How many of you munched on a bag of greasy chips this week? How many of you went for a walk? Outside of genetic issues you can blame most of your shitty health on yourself. Other condition can also be linked to shitty eating habits. You got very few people to blame except yourself. So stop whining own your shit and get as healthy as you want to be, or stop bitching and embrace your choices.

Stop hating the guy next to you that can walk up stairs without getting winded. Stop hating your neighbor lady because her waist is smaller then her tits. Stop trying to make the world conform to your apathy and laziness and figure out what it takes to make you happy. If your ass is so huge that you spill over a seat, the airline is not supposed to make the seat bigger. You need to lose the weight, or pay for another ticket. Leave the damn child behind, don't dumb down the rest of the class to accommodate some kid who does not want to pay attention, or needs special attention to get it. Let the smart kids be smart. If that is your kid, and you know he is not dumb, try being a fucking parent and stop trying to lay the blame on the teacher.

You want to be happy, take ownership of your life and stop trying to own the other guys. Stop thinking that the next house will be better, when the one you have would be great if you just put some effort into it. Stop hating people for being what you want to be. Stop hating what you have. Stop hating yourself. Take ownership and stop caring what the other cats think of you. Find your own happiness and leave mine alone douche nozzle.

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