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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yes I am that cool,..

Yep I am that cool. I am that special. You want to know why? I honestly believe I am better then most people. Yes I am gonna say what some people only think to themselves. The fact they don't say it out loud is one more thing that proves I am better then them. The list of other things that makes me better then most can go on and on, but I will keep it simple because I do not writers cramps. Plus I know most people will stop about here, because they are gonna shut their brain down, call me arrogant and move the fuck on. That's cool because in this case I am definitely better then them.

So the first thing that makes me better then most is that I refuse to live on the support of others. That's right, I do not want, need, or desire any government subsidy. I am not saying people on welfare suck, but I am saying I am better then them. The goal in life is to live on the labors of oneself, and be self sustaining. This does mean learning to milk the system. So in that regard I can honestly say that I have not once in my life collected unemployment, or benefited from government substance outside of military programs.

Second is that I am not only able to speak my mind, but those thoughts can be understood by people. I am not some nut on the corner preaching about the end of the world and the topaz cat monkeys from the planet Zoth are not in control of my voice. I do not fear what my high lord master is going to say about what I say, because I understand that I am an American. As an American I understand it is not only my right to speak out, but my responsibility in order to preserve this nation. Most people do not have the courage to tell the person they love how they feel, much less actually attempt to do something about their Jerry Springer cousin banging issues.

Which brings me to my third point, as to why I am better then most. Not only will I speak my mind about what sucks or what makes me happy, I am fully prepared to do something about it. If something is fucked up, I know that bitching about it does nothing but draw attention to an issue. I know that in order to make things better you need to also offer up a solution, and be ready to implement that solution. Bitching for the sake of bitching is a waste of energy. It is not enough to simply point shit out, any lazy two face monkey fucker can do that. You need to be able to do something about it, or at least be willing to.

Next is that I own my shit. My issues are my issues, I do not have them because my Daddy beat me as a kid. I come from a pretty fucked family life, but then again so do a lot of other people. The difference is that I do not blame them for who I am, I take full credit and own up to my short comings and my accolades. My past only effects me if I continue to carry the torch for it. This is not something I apply to my distant past either. I apply it every fucking day of my life. I was having health issues, I didn't blame McDonald's. I blamed my own fat lazy ass, and got off the couch and started running. No one made me fat outside of my own choices. Own your own shit and you can be a better person too.

The last thing I am going to list here today as to why I am better then most, and yes probably better then you, is that my mind really is open. Yes I have my morality. I have my own rules to live life. I have my own views of religion and the world around me. That does not mean that I will not listen to other views, and that does not mean I shut them out by default. I do not proselytize my beliefs in the hopes to convert people so I can validate my ideals with the strength of numbers. Just because a lot of people believe something does not make it right. That goes for everything, religion, politics, life in general.

Remember just because you are old does not make you wise, it makes you fucking old. Rocks are old, and not all of them do shit. You are not entitled to my respect because yes, most likely I am better then you. You get my respect right out the gate, but prove me right and lose it quickly. Prove to me that I am better then you and watch me walk away. I do not want to be around people I do not respect. I want to surround myself with people that are better, or at least as good as me. I do this because I want to challenge myself to be better. You do not get better at math by hanging out with window lickers. That applies to all aspects of life. You don't get better at anything by learning from people that suck at it or never did it. You just learn how not to do it. Sometimes that is good, but learning how to do it right it better.

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  1. Great essay. I especially like the first and last paragraph.

    I guess my take on it is that I give 100% respect to anyone I encounter and my interaction with each person determines what fraction of that respect is left over time. My initial assumption is that everyone is only as good as me. I will determine if I am better, but I am always prepared to be proven wrong.